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Using a PCIe Slot to Install DRAM: New Samsung CXL.mem…

In the computing marketplace, we have lived with PCIe as a normal for a very long time. It is utilized to insert any extra features to a method: graphics, storage, USB ports, extra storage, networking, include-in playing cards, storage, seem playing cards, Wi-Fi, oh did I mention storage? Properly the one point that we haven’t been capable to put into a PCIe slot is DRAM – I really don’t imply DRAM as a storage product, but memory that essentially is extra to the procedure as useable DRAM. Back in 2019 a new CXL normal was introduced, which works by using a PCIe 5. url as the bodily interface. Part of that standard is CXL.mem – the capability to add DRAM into a technique by way of a CXL/PCIe slot. Now Samsung is unveiling the very first DRAM module particularly made in this way.