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TSMC 3nm Wafer Pricing Revealed: $20,000 US & 25% Price…

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In accordance to a report by DigiTimes, it seems like TSMC’s 3nm wafers are going to be tremendous expensive and will affect next-gen CPU & GPU rates.

NVIDIA, AMD, & Intel Prepped For Superior Wafer Charge As TSMC’s 3nm Crosses $twenty,000 US Value

The report states that owing to its dominance in the chip producing field and no opposition still in the 3nm course of action segment, TSMC is going to elevate the prices of its 3nm wafers substantially. TSMC wafer pricing is depicted in a chart that demonstrates the jump from 7nm ($10,000 US) to 5nm ($16,000) wafers to be around 60%. Now with 3nm, TSMC’s wafer costs are predicted to surpass the $twenty,000 US figure which would imply that we are sure to get a lot more highly-priced merchandise in the kind of next technology CPUs and GPUs.

TSMC’s 3nm wafers are rumored to crack the $20,000 US pricing, primary to greater prices of future-gen Intel, AMD & NVIDIA CPUs/GPUs. (Image Credits: DigiTimes)

Currently, AMD and NVIDIA are some of the prime buyers of TSMC along with Apple and other folks. NVIDIA has undoubtedly bumped up the selling prices of their cards per section. The RTX 4090 expenses 10-15% additional than the RTX 3090 and the RTX 4080 costs around fifty% greater than the RTX 3080. NVIDIA’s CEO was also claimed to pay a visit to Taiwan to speak with TSMC’s CEO about securing 3nm wafers early on for their upcoming-gen GPU lineup.

AMD has been equipped to offset the value by mixing and matching various nodes on its chiplet products and solutions. The Ryzen, Radeon, and EPYC lineup make use of both equally 5nm and 6nm technologies and chiplets to enable slice-down all round expenses related with monolithic dies. Transferring forward, Intel is also going to leverage TSMC N5 and N3 procedure nodes for its Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake tGPU IPs.

On the other hand, this dominance scenario will also enable the selling price of just about every era of wafer foundries to rise sharply with out any resistance. It is comprehended that 3nm has currently exceeded twenty,000 US pounds. With the sharp raise in creation fees, the chip marketplace is sure to pass it on to downstream buyers and consumers, and the price tag of new terminal merchandise will no extended go back.

[…] NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang explained bluntly that in spite of the constrained overall performance improvement, the increase in new products is acceptable, because the value of 12-inch foundry wafers has increased substantially compared with the previous, not just a small far more high-priced.

by way of DigiTimes

But this dependency on TSMC usually means that the semiconductor producing enterprise will remain in a dominant position and can justify the higher selling prices for its technological edge around other individuals. Rival Samsung had also stated that they had been likely to start mass output of their own 3nm (Hole) node by 2024 even so factors are not seeking great as the yields are less than 20% & there are quite a few concerns with Samsung’s next-gen node at the moment. All of this usually means is that chip price ranges are likely to carry on to go higher in terms of fees and except there is one more competitor on the exact same degree as TSMC, we cannot be expecting this pattern to crack.

Intel has said that it really is one of their goals to have chip makers such as NVIDIA and AMD have their merchandise built at their approaching fabs and we will see how that goes.

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