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The Full Nerd ep. 172: Core i9-11900K review, Intel’s future,…

In this episode of The Whole Nerd, Gordon Ung, Brad Chacos, and Adam Patrick Murray dive deep into Intel’s new 11th-gen “Rocket Lake” Main processors and the company’s designs for the long term.

The headline of Gordon’s Core i9-11900K evaluate sums it up nicely: Intel’s 14nm farewell tour just cannot conclusion shortly more than enough. Rocket Lake chips marry the company’s 10nm Ice Lake architecture to the 14nm approach that Intel has stuck with for about fifty percent a decade. This somewhat unnatural union effects in the loss of two cores, leaving the 11900K with just eight compared to its 10900K predecessor’s ten. This will make the eleventh-gen chip’s overall performance a little bit of a mixed bag versus AMD’s rival Ryzen 5000 processors, and even Intel’s personal final-gen flagship, despite several velocity and feature advancements.

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