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Steam survey: For CPU cores, 6 is the new 4

Valve employs anonymized info from Steam gamers to publish a report on the evolving point out of Personal computer hardware just about every thirty day period. And there’s an interesting pattern rising, past the general slide in the direction of newer and far more potent areas. Between Windows-based Steam buyers, six-core CPUs are now the most popular. Quad-core CPUs now account for just 33 percent of users’ machines, and 6-core machines and increased now make up more than 50 % of the measured userbase.

That is a big offer, as quad-main setups have dominated the market for several years. But 6 cores and over and above has turn out to be a lot more frequent ever because the ryze increase of AMD’s Ryzen platform 5 decades ago. The initially-gen Ryzen CPU platform gave its mid-selection Ryzen 5 1600 chips six cores, extending to eight, twelve, and sixteen for the massively potent “Threadripper” products. Intel’s choices afterwards the similar 12 months, eighth-gen “Coffee Lake” processors, available 6 cores on the Main i5 and i7 levels. Right before that force in competition, Intel had been information with twin- and quad-main components for a ten years.

Steam hardware chart showing 6-core CPUs as the most common for Windows users


AMD carries on to increase in CPU market share, up to 32.eight percent from 29.5 % this time past year. On the GPU facet Nvidia continues to be very considerably the dominant player, selling nearly 76 per cent of all GPUs though AMD sells beneath 15 %, and Intel’s integrated GPUs making up the difference. We might see some attention-grabbing shifts there as Intel enters the discrete desktop GPU sector later this calendar year.

Even with AMD giving Intel some much-needed competitors, it even now took several decades for the marketplace to shift in the direction of 6-additionally cores to this diploma. Of system, Steam’s study skews towards electricity customers, as Pc gamers tend to have more impressive hardware than additional typical laptop computer and desktop customers. But the Steam components study has confirmed alone a bellwether of exactly where Computer system hardware is headed.

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