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Once Again, Most ASUS B660 & H610 Motherboards Have Compatibility…

Some ASUS Z690 & B660 Motherboards Will Not Be Compatible With Noctua's LGA 1700 Alder Lake CPU Coolers one

Back again in November 2021, we reported how several of ASUS’s motherboards based mostly on the Intel 600-collection chipset have been incompatible with Noctua’s LGA 1700 cooler lineup. Very well, it wasn’t just Z690 as the compatibility record now demonstrates that there are also numerous B660 and H610 motherboards from the company that will have compatibility challenges with some of its most popular CPU coolers.

Most ASUS B660 & H610 Motherboards Have Compatibility With Some of The Most Preferred Noctua LGA 1700 Desktop CPU Coolers

With the start of Intel’s Non-K Alder Lake household and mainstream 600-collection motherboards, there are many people who are scheduling to develop their new entry and price range tier gaming PCs. Most people will be making use of CPU heatsinks as an alternative of AIO cooling solutions considering the fact that they offer you the very best price on entry-amount builds. As these types of, Noctua’s cooling lineup is a decent alternative about the $50-$sixty US price assortment.

But for all those who are organizing to build a 12th Gen Intel Pc with an ASUS B660 or H610 board, then you could want to just take a glance at the compatibility record in excess of at Noctua to start with. At present, the only cooler that is totally suitable with all ASUS’s motherboards is the NH-U9S. The NH-U12S is appropriate with B660/H610 motherboards but not with a number of of ASUS’s Z690 motherboards. The NH-U14S has compatibility difficulties with numerous B660 and H610 motherboards and the motive said is that the cooler overhangs the best PCIe x16 slot. This is correct for the Chromax variant far too.

Going over to the Noctua NH-D15, although this beast of a cooler is not a well balanced selection with a mainstream Pc system, people who nonetheless want to place this cooler on an ASUS B660 or an H610 motherboard are in for some lousy luck as not only does the cooler overhangs the best PCIe x16 slot and the good mounting package is needed (which can be sent to customers, free-of-cost).

We also want to communicate about other companies and it seems like practically all people else has their complete B660 motherboard lineup thoroughly appropriate with the Noctua LGA 1700 cooling lineup. The ASRock Mini-ITX B660 motherboards may perhaps have some problems with the NH-U14S but it really is nothing as lousy as the ASUS B660 motherboards. In addition, MSI and Gigabyte have complete compatibility on board for their 600-collection motherboards.

ASUS and Noctua have been collaborating together for a prolonged time, beginning with their ROG AIO coolers and the more new GeForce RTX 30 series graphics playing cards. But it appears to be like like, irrespective of the facts that they had for Z690 motherboards becoming incompatible with most Noctua coolers, they did not function on correcting these compatibility challenges for their B660 and H610 motherboards.

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