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NVIDIA Retained 80% Discrete GPU Market Share Versus AMD’s 20%…

NVIDIA appears to have retained its dominant position in the discrete GPU market against AMD despite owning a brutal gaming earnings decrease during the exact same quarter (Q2) of 2022.

NVIDIA Retains eighty%, AMD Drops To 20% Discrete GPU Industry Share In Q2 2022

As for every the newest figures from Jon Peddie Exploration, the add-in-board shipments, which largely involve Discrete GPUs, fell by -22.6% when compared to the preceding quarter. The shipments did see a smaller enhance of 2.4% in contrast to the former yr but overall, the market done improperly owing to a number of explanations, one currently being the decrease in Pc shipments in typical.

Coming to the share, NVIDIA GPUs enhanced from 75% to 80% which usually means they retained their position from the past 12 months (Q2 2021), AMD observed a slight drop from 24% to twenty% when Intel has commenced to exhibit up in the charts far too with a one% marketplace share for now. The blue team is even now in its infancy in the dGPU market place in comparison to NVIDIA & AMD who have several decades’ worth of knowledge in the section.

Swift Highlights

  • JPR discovered that AIB shipments during the quarter lowered from the previous quarter by -22.six%, which is beneath the 10-year regular of -nine.seven%.
  • Overall AIB shipments amplified by 2.four% this quarter from previous 12 months to 10.four million models and had been down from 13.38 million units past quarter.
  • AMD’s quarter-to-quarter overall desktop AIB device shipments lessened -by 34.% and diminished by -five.% from last year.
  • Nvidia’s quarter-to-quarter device shipments reduced -by 19.1% and elevated by 3.% from last yr. Nvidia continues to maintain a dominant market place share posture at seventy nine.6%.
  • AIB shipments from yr to year improved by 2.four% in comparison to very last 12 months.

3DCenter has additional information to share and stories that the full range of models that had been transported for the duration of the quarter was 10.four Million models which resulted in all around five.five Billion bucks well worth of product sales. Having said that, this figure is nothing when compared to the double-digit figures that the industry was creating back again in 2021. The regular offering value of graphics cards also fell from $1029 in Q2 2021 to $529 US in Q2 2022. A chart built by the outlet exhibits us that NVIDIA retains the top spot in the Discrete GPU section.

NVIDIA retains 80% handle of the dGPU market place share even though AMD receives only 20% & Intel starts at one%. (Impression Credits: 3DCenter)

We also have GPU current market share and GPU spouse and children sector share breakdown from every single vendor presented by Tech Analyst, Mike Bruzzone. It is stated that the oversupply concern is remaining manufactured a massive offer and NVIDIA can shift their inventory genuinely promptly as a result of their partners. The GPU seller is at this time setting up to offer you a second spherical of rate cuts in September which will provide selling prices down even further. Subsequent is the entire breakdown from Mike:

NOV 2021 DEC 2021 JAN 2022 FEB 2022 MAR 2022 APR 2022 Could 2022 JUN 2022 JUL 2022 AUG 2022 WK 1 AUG 2022 WK two Regular
AMD Share sixteen.fifty seven% 18.seventy nine% 18.70% 17.67% fifteen.seventy three% 18.82% 20.19% twenty.eighty four% 20.07% seventeen.80% seventeen.51% eighteen.43%
NVIDIA Share eighty three.43% eighty one.21% eighty one.30% 82.33% eighty four.27% eighty one.18% 79.eighty one% 79.16% 79.ninety three% 82.20% 82.49% eighty one.57%
NAVI 6x 26.38% 27.40% 29.37% 28.93% 29.sixty% 37.05% 35.07% 35.eighty one% 37.forty three% 35.eighty two% 35.57% 32.fifty eight%
NAVI 5x eighteen.64% 18.eighty one% 18.65% 17.26% fifteen.31% 17.fifty five% seventeen.seventy six% seventeen.sixty three% 17.sixty three% sixteen.48% 16.33% seventeen.forty six%
VEGA 7.59% 8.77% seven.88% seven.24% six.93% 8.14% 7.39% six.86% 6.sixty five% six.88% six.85% seven.38%
POLARIS forty seven.forty% forty five.02% 44.09% forty six.58% forty eight.sixteen% 37.27% 39.seventy eight% 39.70% 38.29% 40.82% forty one.24% 42.58%
AMPERE 44.ninety seven% forty three.20% forty nine.27% 46.74% 36.09% 43.eighty two% forty seven.fifty two% forty eight.37% 46.29% 37.11% 33.66% forty three.37%
TURING 16.ninety nine% 15.35% 14.87% 16.05% 26.seventy one% 19.72% 17.thirteen% 16.forty two% eighteen.31% 29.86% 34.21% twenty.fifty one%
TU 16×0 8.fifty six% eleven.02% eight.eighty% 9.23% 7.60% 8.37% 8.forty four% eight.fifty four% 9.05% eight.sixty eight% eight.54% 8.80%
PASCAL 23.86% 24.eighty two% 22.33% 22.19% 21.70% 22.48% 21.77% 21.thirty% 20.83% 19.29% eighteen.seventy five% 21.76%
MAXWELL five.62% 5.61% 4.74% five.79% 7.ninety one% 5.sixty two% 5.fourteen% five.37% 5.52% five.06% 4.84% five.56%

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