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NVIDIA grabs $160 Million Arm Supercomputer contract in Spain, Grace…

NVIDIA unveiled the Grace SUPERCHIP previously this 12 months, ensuring a high-powered Arm-based mostly chipset that would rival AMD and Intel’s x86 HPC (Higher-Efficiency Computing) presence. HPC Wire now experiences that NVIDIA signed a $160 million agreement to help with the supercomputing hardware for the MareNostrum 5 procedure put in as part of the EuroHPC JU initiative.

NVIDIA Arm-centered Grace Superchips to see use in new MareNostrum 5 Supercomputer as aspect of EuroHPC initiative

The place of the new venture will be in Spain at the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (BSC) and will commence functioning by next year.

MareNostrum 5 is expected to offer you 314 Petaflops of FP 64 computing electric power general performance concentrations between laptop or computer and graphics processor accelerators. Moreover, a further 200 Petabytes of storage will be applied for in-accessibility workloads, and up to 400 Petabytes will be employed for chilly storage. It is anticipated that the MareNostrum five will maintain the Petabyte node made use of in a NAND-based storage subsystem that will want to achieve swift ranges. At the identical time, the cold storage node will use HDD topologies that are older and a lot more cost-economical. The cold storage node is also lively storage, employing vital information not usually accessed.

The new Arm-dependent Superchip system will use the NVIDIA Grace 144-core chips configured in twin-chip settings and blended with the H100 dGPU accelerators, showcasing eighty billion transistors just about every with three.two TB/s bandwidth and eighty GB of HBM3 memory. In turn, the MareNostrum five should really transmit about eighteen Exaflops of artificial intelligence acceleration and perhaps be the most productive AI supercomputer in the European Union.

Atos, the firm behind the MareNostrum five, will also benefit from the Quantum-2 InfiniBand computer software-described networking to stabilize the company’s BlueField knowledge processing units, all parts communicating at decrease latency stages with a considerably larger throughput of 400 GB/s. This output in efficiency is identical to the same in Cray’s Slingshot interconnect.

The acquisition of MareNostrum five will empower globe-modifying scientific breakthroughs these as the generation of digital twins to assistance clear up world troubles like climate alter and the development of precision drugs. In addition, [BSC] is fully commited to building European hardware to be applied in long term generations of supercomputers and helping to accomplish technological sovereignty for the EU’s member states.

— Mateo Valero, director, BSC

Internet site The Upcoming System jobs that the MareNostrum 5 could deliver up to four,five hundred H100 accelerators or 270 petaflops of FP64 raise from the Tensor Cores on the Superchips. The ultimate 44 Petaflops of overall performance of FP64 would come from the NVIDIA dual-CPU techniques. Each individual NVIDIA Grace chip will provide 3.eighty four teraflops of execution, equaling up to five,730 twin-layered Grace modules.

The MareNostrum 5 supercomputer is exclusively focused on healthcare analysis, chemistry simulations, the progress of new prescription drugs, local climate science, and programs centered on environmental engineering. NVIDIA will provide their Omniverse application package deal to guide in accessing more substantial-than-existence, correct industrial methods and procedures.

The MareNostrum five will be entirely run by renewable energies, even though the excessive warmth will be repurposed, earning the system additional environmentally welcoming. Having said that, it is not known how the MareNostrum five will reuse the warmth and at what amount it will be processed. It is expected to comply with other supercomputer styles, these as rival AMD and the LUMI supercomputer.

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