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MSI Talks Intel 11th Gen Rocket Lake Desktop CPU Overclocking,…

In its hottest Insider Livestream, MSI comprehensive quite a few facets of Intel’s newly introduced 11th Gen Rocket Lake Desktop CPUs. The crucial points MSI talked about included overclocking, the adaptive enhance technological know-how, gear modes for memory overclocking and aid, deal power, & temps all through stock and overclocked. MSI also invited Intel’s Alex Hoyos, who presented detailed facts on every single precise factor of the 11th Gen Desktop CPU family members.

MSI Particulars Intel 11th Gen Rocket Lake Adaptive Increase Tech, Gear Modes, Overclocking, Also Reveals Electric power & Temperature Figures

The Livestream started off off with MSI placing up their test setup for overclocking the Intel Main i9-11900K which consists of the MSI Z590 Gaming Carbon Motherboard and an MSI MPG K360 Liquid cooler. The MSI pushed the voltages to 1.36V and the CPU was established to an overclock of close to 5.2 GHz. We will converse about the benchmark success received by MSI independently but initial, let us speak about the essential facets that MSI in-depth beginning off with some of the package deal power quantities & general temperatures.

Intel Rocket Lake 11th Gen CPU Overclocking Package Ability & Temperatures

MSI starts off off by demonstrating an Intel Core i9-11900K overclocking conduct chart. The chart exhibits how the voltages influence the overall bundle energy and temperatures. The Intel Core i9-11900K depends on a 14nm procedure node so it is envisioned to get very incredibly hot. MSI reveals that to hit a 5 GHz all-core overclock, you need around one.33V and that pushes the deal power to 291W & CPU temps to 92C.

Just about anything earlier mentioned five GHz would end result in in excess of 300W package deal ability and about 100C temps. MSI applied a Do it yourself H2o Cooling Kit to receive these effects. It was mentioned that whilst they do not know the precise specifications of the tailor made cooling package, it was much remarkable to a 420mm AIO liquid cooler & just that goes off to clearly show the immensely warm and power-hungry chip the Rocket Lake CPUs are in basic.

To access five.one GHz on the Intel Main i9-11900K, MSI recommends a voltage of one.37V which resulted in a package deal energy of 325W and 102C temps. For five.two GHz, a voltage of 1.42V was supplied to the CPU that resulted in 378W offer electric power and 113C temps. MSI also supplies its very own cpu cooler Tuning configurations which let you select from a pre-determined checklist of ability profiles based mostly on your cpu cooler capabilities.

Intel Rocket Lake eleventh Gen CPU Adaptive-Increase Bundle Energy & Temperatures

MSI also presents a comprehensive chart exhibiting the Intel Adaptive Raise Technological know-how performing on the Intel Core i9-11900K CPU. We already furnished a comprehensive rundown of how the technological know-how is effective within our critique which you can browse in this article. When enabled, the Adaptive Improve Technologies pushes the package electric power earlier mentioned 300W (at stock / without AVX) and about 350W (at stock / with AVX). That is practically a 100W variation in package electric power than the default Thermal Velocity Enhance technological know-how.

The temperatures and voltages also see a appreciable increase with the CPU functioning at 85C & sipping in one.452V when jogging in stock and non-AVX workloads. In AVX workloads, the chip sips in one.48V and runs at in excess of 114.5C. That’s a 25C rise in temperatures in contrast to the default TVB three. tech.

Intel Rocket Lake 11th Gen CPU AVX-512 FPU Package Power & Temperatures

For AVX-512 workloads, The Intel Main i7-11700K and the Main i9-11900K averaged at about 394W (PRIME95 Smaller FFT AVX) and 339.ninety six (AIDA64 FPU AVX). The Core i5-11600K averaged at 282.36W in the PRIME95 and 242.88W in the AIDA64 tests. All of these checks were accomplished with the CPU running at inventory situations. It was stated that AVX-512 effects in a drop in frequency if it is really getting utilized by an application.

Hence, there are tuning selections on the Z590 motherboards which can allow you disable AVX (or just AVX-512) and also configure the Offset vary/ratio/voltages & the Voltage guardband scale volume.

Intel Rocket Lake IMC Gear Modes For DDR4 Memory Guidance & Overclocking

A different characteristic of Intel’s Rocket Lake K series Desktop CPUis the Built-in Memory Controller Gear Method which is related to AMD’s Infinity Fabric and establishes a 1:1 or one/2:1 mode for DDR4 memory. What happens is that when jogging higher-frequency memory, the IMC on Intel CPUs can grow to be really stressed to maintain up with the larger frequencies of DDR4 memory as these, the Equipment 2 mode kicks in to enable decrease some of that pressure from the IMC.

The Equipment one mode runs up to DDR4-3600 (identical as AMD) with Equipment 2 manner starting with DDR4-3733 and heading all the way up to DDR4-5333. The only sacrifice you might be creating by switching to the Gear 2 method will be greater latencies but you will retain larger bandwidth. In Gear 2 mode, you can even further force your memory overclocks but only applying an even-numbered multiplier as odd quantities will not likely operate in this unique product. There are also two base clocks you can set for memory which could be either one hundred MHz or 133 MHz. So the max you can hit with Rocket Lake is 8266 MHz with a multiplier of 62x and a memory clock of 100×1.33.

Subsequent are the Gear Modes that MSI claims will operate on their motherboards applying XMP:

MSI B560 Motherboards Assist Equally Foundation Clock & DDR4 Memory Overclocking

Lastly, MSI verified that its B560 class motherboards will assist both foundation clock overclocking on unlocked and non-K CPUs whilst also that includes DDR4 memory overclocking. In the slides, MSI displays that its B560 motherboards can aid up to 5200-5066 MHz memory speeds which can deliver a respectable uplift in overall performance in apps that need better program bandwidth.

As for overclocking, although B560 is not going to attribute the similar tuning selections as the Z590 lineup, they do have the base clock overclocking element which was also highlighted on its B460 motherboards. The aspect primarily raises the PL1 electricity limit and sets it to the same level as PL2 letting for much a lot quicker performance on Intel Desktop CPUs. MSI shows that it managed to get the Main i9-11900F to produce superior CPU efficiency than the Core i9-11900K with a foundation clock overclock from a hundred MHz to 102.8 MHz.

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