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MSI GeForce RTX 3070 Ti SUPRIM X 8 GB Graphics…

The MSI GeForce RTX 3070 Ti screams premium, from its design, performance, and to their price. The SUPRIM X lineup is definitely MSI course-correcting its OG Gaming X Trio deficiencies and it looks like the extra effort has paid off.

The card comes with the same cooling design and premium PCB components which are outfitted with a top-of-the-line and updated, Tri Frozr 2S cooling system. The cooler is very much needed to keep the card running at stable clocks both cards have a 310W+ TGP. The extra 7% power limit for these cards also provides some decent OC capabilities but you can push Ampere all you want but only get minute returns. Do note that the RTX 3070 Ti gets close to 350W usage which is literally bonkers for a single graphics card that isn’t even the fastest one around. This showcases how the overall power demand of this generation of graphics cards has gone up tremendously.

The cooler does an incredible job by keeping both cards steady and cool under 65C. The RTX 3070 Ti saw temps peak around 64C. Both of these were coupled with the superb silent profile which equals near-zero fan noise. If you want that extra cooling performance, then turning the fans all the way to 100% will lead to sub-60C temps but in return, you’d have to face the louder fan noise which gets a bit noticeable at that point.

The triple-fan solution comes with 0db fan technology which unless or until you’re touching 60C won’t spin at all. This allows lower noise levels when you’re not doing any graphics-intensive tasks. MSI went all the way by including a full metal backplate on the card which comes with dual copper heat pipes to effectively transfer heat from the back.

The RGB is not overdone and the Mystic Light cuts on the front and sides provide really good aesthetics of the card itself. The brushed aluminum backplate, the dual BIOS switch, and the stunning design are what make these cards truly stand out from the Gaming X Trio variants.

Now pricing, the card has an MSRP of $599 US but based on initial listings, we expect it to end up around or even over $1000 US. For this MSRP, you get a 10% performance difference depending on if you’re comparing the Gaming X Trio variants or the FE models for a 30-40% price increase over the non-TI variant. It’s hard to find value in that given the higher premium.

So in terms of performance, the RTX 3070 Ti offers great 1440p and 4K performance which is now clearly faster than the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. The card also offers superior raytracing and DLSS tech capabilities which help push its gaming performance envelope even further and not to mention the pro/content creator app performance which also looks great.

At MSRP, the MSI RTX 3070 Ti SUPRIM X could be a great card but we expect it to hit retail for well over $1000 US given all the demand and supply issues. Other than that, 8 GB on a $600 US card when AMD is already offering over 12 GB on its $479 US RX 6700 XT is just lackluster. It’s time for NVIDIA to crunch up the memory capacity in its next-generation graphics card but we get it that GDDR6X DRAM availability has been a major issue for them.

What I believe is that the SUPRIM X lineup from MSI is what the Gaming X Trio series should’ve been from the start. They are very impressive and feature one of the most gorgeous and neatly built cooling designs that I have seen by NVIDIA’s AIB partners. The factory overclock is great and the custom PCB is there if you want to push these cards or overclock them. The cooling design performs phenomenal, dropping several degrees over the already great Tri Frozr cooling for the Gaming X Trio variants and if you want the best Ampere card, then SUPRIM X won’t let you down!

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