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Intel’s China-Exclusive Core i5-12490F ‘Black Edition’ Alder Lake CPU Is…

Intel's China-Exclusive Core i5-12490F 'Black Edition' Alder Lake CPU Is Speedier Than The Main i7-11700 8 Core Chip

It really is been a few times because the Intel Core i5-12490P Alder Lake CPU has proven up which aims to be a superior spec’d Core i5-12500F but with the hybrid die.

Intel’s Main i5-12490P ‘Black Edition’ Alder Lake CPU Is China-Distinctive, six Core Alder Lake A lot quicker Than eight Main Rocket Lake

The Intel Core i5-12490P is a unique Alder Lake chip which is been made and marketed completely to China. It attributes the C0 die which is the very same utilized by all hybrid chips besides the 12490P comes with no hybrid cores. It packs six Golden Cove cores and twelve threads. The CPU currently being an F variant is excluded from iGPU help so the Xe-LP graphics that you’d if not locate on the non-F chips is not there.

In conditions of clock speeds, the chip retains the very same clocks as the Core i5-12500 at a 3. GHz foundation and four.6 GHz boost. One particular major distinction however is the cache. The Intel Main i5-12490P rocks a 20 MB L3 cache compared to 19 MB on the Core i5-12500. Other than that, it capabilities up to 128 GB memory support, 65W base TDP, and a 117W most turbo electrical power ranking.

In phrases of performance, the Intel Main i5-12490P Alder Lake CPU scored up to 1825 details in the solitary-core and 8929 factors in the multi-main benchmark of Geekbench five. Which is ten% multi-thread general performance in comparison to the 6 main AMD Ryzen five 5600X, 6% more quickly general performance than the eight core Intel Core i7-11700F and approximately matching the Main i9-11900F. In single-threaded tests, the CPU is a lot quicker than all 3 chips described over.

It ought to unquestionably be mentioned that the extra cache could make for an fascinating SKU for the gaming phase the place consumers are hunting for increased general performance. The extra one MB of cache could direct to marginally superior FPS and functionality security in video games while for now, the chip is priced around 100 RMB a lot more than the Core i5-12400 at 1620 RMB or $250 US.

This is a reasonably good price but it also comes near to the Main i5-12600KF which has an MSRP of all around $270 US. In my impression, if you can come across the 12600KF at that cost, then it is a no-brainer in any other case if you will find a $fifty US+ difference in the selling prices concerning the two chips, then the Main i5-12490P Black Version CPU is a good solution but it even now will not defeat the overall performance/$ worth of the Main i5-12400 which is an certainly superb chip for spending budget players as we observed in our review.

Intel twelfth Gen Alder Lake Desktop CPU Specs “Preliminary”

CPU Identify P-Core Depend E-Core Count Full Core / Thread P-Main Base / Enhance (Max) P-Core Increase (All-Core) E-Core Foundation / Improve E-Core Raise (All-Main) L3 Cache TDP (PL1) TDP (PL2) Anticipated (MSRP) Price
Core i9-12900KS 8 eight 16 / 24 three.2 / 5.5 GHz 5.2 GHz two.4 / 3.nine GHz three.7 GHz 30 MB 125W TBC TBC
Core i9-12900K eight eight sixteen / 24 3.2 / 5.2 GHz five. GHz two.4 / three.nine GHz 3.seven GHz 30 MB 125W 241W $599 US
Core i9-12900 8 8 16 / 24 2.4 / 5.one GHz TBA one.8 / three.8 GHz TBA 30 MB 65W 202W $489 US
$464 US (F)
Main i9-12900T 8 8 sixteen / 24 1.4 / 4.9 GHz TBA one. / three.six GHz TBA thirty MB 35W 106W $489 US
Main i7-12700K 8 4 twelve / twenty three.6 / five. GHz 4.seven GHz 2.7 / 3.eight GHz three.6 GHz twenty five MB 125W 190W $419 US
Main i7-12700 eight four 12 / twenty 2.1 / four.9 GHz TBA 1.6 / 3.six GHz TBA 25 MB 65W 180W $339 US
$314 US (F)
Main i7-12700T eight 4 12 / twenty one.4 / four.7 GHz TBA one. / three.four GHz TBA twenty five MB 35W 99W $339 US
Main i5-12600K 6 4 10 / 16 three.seven / 4.9 GHz 4.five GHz two.8 / three.six GHz 3.four GHz twenty MB 125W 150W $299 US
Core i5-12600 6 6 / 12 three.three / 4.8 GHz four.4 GHz N/A N/A eighteen MB 65W 117W $223 US
Main i5-12600T 6 six / twelve 2.1 / four.6 GHz TBA N/A N/A eighteen MB 65W 74W $223 US
Core i5-12490P 6 six / twelve 3. / four.6 GHz TBA N/A N/A twenty MB 65W 74W ~$250 US
Main i5-12500 six six / 12 three. / 4.6 GHz TBA N/A N/A 18 MB 65W 117W $202 US
Core i5-12500T 6 6 / 12 2. / 4.four GHz TBA N/A N/A 18 MB 35W 74W $202 US
Core i5-12400 6 six / 12 two.five / four.four GHz four. GHz N/A N/A eighteen MB 65W 117W $192 US
$167 US (F)
Core i5-12400T 6 six / twelve one.8 / four.two GHz TBA N/A N/A eighteen MB 35W 74W $192 US
Core i3-12300 four four / 8 3.5 / four.4 GHz TBA N/A N/A twelve MB 60W 89W $143 US
Main i3-12300T four four / eight two.three / four.2 GHz TBA N/A N/A 12 MB 35W 69W $143 US
Main i3-12100 4 4 / 8 3.3 / four.three GHz TBA N/A N/A 12 MB 60W
58W (F)
89W $122 US
$97 US (F)
Main i3-12100T 4 four / eight two.two / 4.1 GHz TBA N/A N/A twelve MB 35W 69W $122 US
Intel Pentium Gold G7400 2 two / four 3.7 GHz N/A N/A N/A six MB 46W N/A $64 US
Intel Pentium Gold G7400T two two / 4 3.1 GHz N/A N/A N/A 6 MB 35W N/A $sixty four US
Intel Celeron G6900 two two / 4 three.4 GHz N/A N/A N/A four MB 46W N/A $forty two US
Intel Celeron G6900T two two / 4 two.eight GHz N/A N/A N/A 4 MB 35W N/A $42 US

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