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Intel’s 11th Generation Rocket Lake-S 8 Core Desktop ES CPU…


Intel’s Tenth Abilities Comet Lake-S Desktop Core CPUs have but to launch however leaks of the Eleventh Gen Rocket Lake-S Core CPUs have already started showing. The critical Rocket Lake-S Engineering Pattern, which is an eight core CPU, has been seen by hardware leaker Rogame and there are some if truth be told fascinating things now we must focus on about.

First Intel Eleventh Abilities Rocket Lake-S eight Core CPU Early Engineering Pattern Leaks Out – First Major Departure From Skylake on The Desktop Platform

The Intel Rocket Lake-S Desktop CPUs had been talked about for quite a lot of months since we seen the first references of the family relationship abet to 2019. The Intel Rocket Lake-S family will be branded as the Eleventh Abilities Core lineup, replacing the Comet Lake-S CPUs which are to be supplied in the upcoming month. Whereas both CPU families are in keeping with a 14nm course of node, they both rental vastly different chip architectures with the Comet Lake-S family reusing an optimized version of the Skylake structure whereas Rocket Lake-S family would be using the brand new Cove line of architectures.

So coming to the meaty section of the leak, the Rocket Lake-S ES CPU became as soon as seen inner the 3DMark database which has change into customary for discovering entries of quite a lot of unreleased CPUs and GPUs. The CPU, as anticipated, comes with the Intel(R) CPU 0000 codename which is attributable to the incontrovertible fact that it is far mute an early sample with a liberate deliberate quite a lot of quarters ahead. The CPU, nonetheless, has been examined on an Intel Company RocketLake S UDIMM 4L ERB motherboard that would additionally honest be a test platform to validate and take into accout early samples of the chips.

The critical Intel Rocket Lake-S eight Core Desktop ES CPU entry has been seen by Rogame. (Image Credits)

The CPU itself is an eight core and 16 thread section. We have viewed reports that Intel’s Rocket Lake-S CPU family would max out at eight cores and 16 threads so Intel is already testing the absolute most realistic-raze config for its mainstream desktop platform. The core clocks are reported at 1.eight GHz ghastly and boost. It be very customary to peer early samples being clocked this low. We have also viewed Comet Lake-S clocks being vastly decrease in ES insist when when compared with the 5 GHz+ frequencies that the final & retail ready chips will boast.

Intel Desktop CPU Generations Comparability:

Intel CPU Family Processor Job Processors Cores (Max) TDPs Platform Chipset Platform Memory Increase PCIe Increase Originate
Sandy Bridge 32nm 4/eight 35-95W 6-Sequence LGA 1155 DDR3 PCIe Gen 2.zero 2011
Ivy Bridge 22nm 4/eight 35-77W 7-Sequence LGA 1155 DDR3 PCIe Gen 3.zero 2012
Haswell 22nm 4/eight 35-84W eight-Sequence LGA 1150 DDR3 PCIe Gen 3.zero 2013-2014
Broadwell 14nm 4/eight sixty five-65W 9-Sequence LGA 1150 DDR3 PCIe Gen 3.zero 2015
Skylake 14nm 4/eight 35-91W a hundred-Sequence LGA 1151 DDR4/DDR3L PCIe Gen 3.zero 2015
Kaby Lake 14nm 4/eight 35-91W 200-Sequence LGA 1151 DDR4/DDR3L PCIe Gen 3.zero 2017
Espresso Lake 14nm 6/12 35-95W 300-Sequence LGA 1151 DDR4 PCIe Gen 3.zero 2017
Espresso Lake 14nm eight/16 35-95W 300-Sequence LGA 1151 DDR4 PCIe Gen 3.zero 2018
Comet Lake 14nm 10/20 35-125W 400-Sequence LGA 1200 DDR4 PCIe Gen 3.zero 2020
Rocket Lake 14nm eight/16? TBA 500-Sequence? LGA 1200? DDR4? PCIe Gen 4.zero? 2020?
Alder Lake 10nm? 16/32? TBA TBA LGA 1700? DDR5? PCIe Gen 4.zero? 2021?
Meteor Lake 7nm? TBA TBA TBA TBA DDR5? PCIe Gen 4.zero? 2022?

Right here is All the pieces We Know About The twelfth Abilities Rocket Lake Desktop CPUs

First of all, the Rocket Lake-S desktop platform is anticipated to feature pork up on LGA 1200 socket that would additionally honest form its debut with Comet Lake-S CPUs despite the incontrovertible fact that on 400-series motherboards. The Intel Rocket Lake-S processors will be launching alongside the five hundred-series motherboards so it marks one predominant quiz of as to whether the CPUs will be kept backward-effectively matched with 400-series chipset based completely completely LGA 1200 socket or will they handiest attain land in recurring pork up on 500-series boards. Within the case of the latter, the Comet Lake-S and 400-series platform would be very immediate-lived for the reason that Rocket Lake lineup is anticipated later this yr and Comet Lake-S CPUs will be on hand round Could honest-June 2020. This would be a magnificent quicker alternative than what we seen when going from Kaby Lake to Espresso Lake abet in 2017.

The Espresso Lake lineup, despite the incontrovertible fact that being supported by the same LGA 1151 socket, became as soon as supported completely by the Z370 motherboards. Intel urged that attributable to a new pin format on the Espresso Lake processors, the updated motherboards had been required despite the incontrovertible fact that many enthusiasts bypassed this restriction and booted their Espresso Lake CPUs on Z270 motherboards. We could additionally honest look a a similar thing going on with Rocket Lake and LGA 1200 eager in the updated microarchitecture and compose of the brand new chips. A recent leak also hinted at SKUs starting from 35W and the total formula as much as 125W.

A leaked platform map overview of Intel’s twelfth Abilities Rocket Lake-S desktop CPU family. (Image Credits: Videocardz)

Other aspects of Intel’s Rocket Lake Desktop CPUs encompass:

  • Increased Efficiency with new processor core structure
  • Recent Xe graphics structure
  • Increased DDR4 speeds
  • CPU PCIe 4.zero Lanes
  • Enhanced Display cloak (Built-in HDMI 2.zero, HBR3)
  • Added x4 CPU PCIe Lanes = 20 Entire CPU PCIe 4.zero Lanes
  • Enhanced Media (12 bit AV1/HVEC, E2E compression)
  • CPU Attached Storage or Intel Optane Memory
  • Recent Overclocking Aspects and Capabilities
  • USB Audio offload
  • Built-in CNVi & Wi-fi-AX
  • Built-in USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 (20G)
  • 2.5Gb Ethernet Discrete LAN
  • DIscrete Intel Thunderbolt 4 (USB4 Compliant)

As soon as again, the cause I indulge in that Rocket Lake is using Willow Cove cores is as a consequence of Tiger Lake with the same structure aspects Xe Gen 12 graphics whereas Ice Lake with Sunny Cove cores is using the Gen 11 GPU. It is far doable that the cache is different on desktop chips however as soon as extra, that continues to be to be confirmed and till we look extra leaks, here’s up for debate.

That’s clearly somewhat a couple of data that we know for Intel’s Rocket Lake desktop family however it goes to be fine to peer how they function in early benchmarks against the unusual 14nm Skylake derivatives which had been on hand for quite a lot of years now. The Rocket Lake-S family would in an instant compete against AMD’s Ryzen 4000 ‘Vermeer’ CPUs that would additionally honest be that consists of the brand new Zen 3 structure with predominant architectural adjustments so ask somewhat a couple of heated CPU wars later this yr.

Which 2020 Desktop CPU lineup are you taking a peek forward to essentially the most?

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