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Intel reveals Rocket Lake’s secrets in a Reddit AMA

Intel’s eleventh-gen Rocket Lake chip was inexperienced-lit properly right before AMD’s Zen 2 and Zen three architectures rocked our worlds, organization officials acknowledged.

In an AMA posted Tuesday on the Intel subreddit, Scott Rouse, Intel’s system engineer for Rocket Lake, attending with other Intel officials, discovered that Rocket Lake was provided the go-in advance in early 2019. Its two-12 months journey to the launchpad on March 30th is basically crack-neck pace for a new CPU (which may choose many years longer typically). Nevertheless, the earth that Rocket Lake woke up to in 2021 probably wasn’t what Intel predicted in 2019, when the company produced the chip by marrying its nevertheless-to-be-launched 10th-gen, 10nm Ice Lake x86 cores with its presently-ageing 14nm producing process.  

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