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Intel Next-Gen Xeon CPU Rumors: 10nm Emerald Rapids, 7nm Granite…

Intel Future-Gen Xeon CPU Rumors Chat Emerald Rapids, Granite Rapids & Diamond Rapids: Up To one hundred forty four Lion Cove Cores By 2025 1

Intel has but to announce a right roadmap for its next-gen Xeon CPU roadmap & even though they have outlined their next-gen solutions, we never know a lot whilst AMD has made available early quantities pertaining to their EPYC 5nm lineup. So The Subsequent Platform, with the support of their sources, and a contact of speculation, have manufactured their personal roadmap covering Intel’s Xeon loved ones up till Diamond Rapids.

Intel Up coming-Gen Xeon CPU Rumors Discuss Emerald Rapids, Granite Rapids & Diamond Rapids: Up To one hundred forty four Lion Cove Cores By 2025

As a precautionary note, the specs and info posted by TheNextPlatform are mainly estimates based mostly on speculation and rumors alongside with hints from their resources. These are by no means specs that have been verified by Intel so acquire them with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, they do deliver us an insight on in which Intel could head with their future-gen lineups.

Intel Xeon CPU Family Generational Roadmap (Believed / Credits: The Upcoming System):

Intel Future-Gen Xeon CPU Rumors Speak Emerald Rapids, Granite Rapids & Diamond Rapids: Up To one hundred forty four Lion Cove Cores By 2025 2

Intel Xeon CPU Loved ones Generational IPC Uplift (Estimated / Credits: The Subsequent System):

Intel Upcoming-Gen Xeon CPU Rumors Converse Emerald Rapids, Granite Rapids & Diamond Rapids: Up To 144 Lion Cove Cores By 2025 three

Intel Sapphire Rapids-SP 4th gen Xeon CPU Family members

The Intel Sapphire Rapids-SP Xeon CPUs will be the initially to introduce a multi-tile chiplet design and style as we specific below. The SOC will pack the newest Golden Cove main architecture which is also going to power the Alder Lake lineup. The blue staff programs to supply a maximum of fifty six cores and 112 threads with up to 350W TDP. AMD on the other hand will be offering up to 96 cores and 192 threads at up to 400W TDP with its EPYC Genoa processors. AMD would also maintain a big edge when it will come to cache sizes, IO capabilities, & additional (increased PCIe lanes, greater DDR5 capacities, greater L3 cache).

The Sapphire Rapids-SP will arrive in two deal variants, a typical, and an HBM configuration. The common variant will function a chiplet style and design composed of four XCC dies that will characteristic a die size of all-around 400mm2. This is the die sizing for a singular XCC die and there will be four in full on the major Sapphire Rapids-SP Xeon chip. Each individual die will be interconnected via EMIB which has a pitch size of 55u and a core pitch of 100u.

The standard Sapphire Rapids-SP Xeon chip will attribute 10 EMIB interconnects and the total offer will measure at a mighty 4446mm2. Moving about to the HBM variant, we are having an greater variety of interconnects which sit at 14 and are desired to interconnect the HBM2E memory to the cores.

The four HBM2E memory offers will aspect eight-Hi stacks so Intel is heading for at the very least 16 GB of HBM2E memory for every stack for a whole of 64 GB throughout the Sapphire Rapids-SP package. Speaking about the offer, the HBM variant will measure at an crazy 5700mm2 or 28% larger than the typical variant. In comparison to the lately leaked EPYC Genoa figures, the HBM2E package deal for Sapphire Rapids-SP would close up five% larger although the regular package deal will be 22% smaller.

  • Intel Sapphire Rapids-SP Xeon (Common Package deal) – 4446mm2
  • Intel Sapphire Rapids-SP Xeon (HBM2E Package) – 5700mm2
  • AMD EPYC Genoa (12 CCD Offer) – 5428mm2

According to TheNextPlatform, the leading SKU is envisioned to offer you up to 2.three GHz foundation clocks, four TB of DDR5 memory ability support, 80 PCIe Gen five. lanes, and a peak wattage of 350W. The Sapphire Rapids-SP Xeon lineup would be supplying up to a sixty six% overall performance enhancement above Ice Lake-SP chips and a 25.9% effectiveness/price tag enhancement.

Intel also states that the EMIB hyperlink delivers twice the bandwidth density advancement and four periods better electric power effectiveness in comparison to standard deal designs. Interestingly, Intel calls the most current Xeon lineup Logically monolithic which implies that they are referring to the interconnect that’ll provide the identical operation as a solitary-die would but technically, there are 4 chiplets that will be interconnected together. You can study the entire aspects pertaining to the conventional fifty six core & 112 thread Sapphire Rapids-SP Xeon CPUs listed here.

AMD has really turned the tides with its Zen-powered EPYC CPUs in the server section but it appears like Intel is arranging to make a resurgence with its upcoming Xeon CPU family members. The initially of its system correction will be Emerald Rapids which is envisioned to launch in Q1 2023.

Intel Emerald Rapids-SP 5th Gen Xeon CPU Spouse and children

Intel’s Emerald Rapids-SP Xeon CPU relatives is anticipated to be centered upon a mature ‘Intel 7’ node. You can consider of it as a 2nd Gen ‘Intel 7’ node which would direct to a bit higher performance.

Emerald Rapids is expected to make use of the Raptor Cove main architecture which is an optimized variant of the Golden Cove main that will produce five-ten% IPC improvement more than Golden Cove cores. It will also pack up to 64 cores and 128 threads which is a compact main bump more than the fifty six cores and 112 threads showcased on Sapphire Rapids chips.

The leading portion is predicted to feature up to 2.6 GHz foundation clocks, a hundred and twenty Mb of L3 cache, aid for up to DDR5-5600 memory (up to 4 TB), and a slight improve in TDP to 375W. The overall performance is predicted to maximize by 39.five% about Sapphire Rapids and the overall performance/price tag is expected to go up by 28.3% versus Sapphire Rapids. But most of the enhance to efficiency will be coming by means of clock and approach optimizations on the increased Intel 7 (10ESF+) node.

It is documented that by the time Intel produced Emerald Rapids-SP Xeon CPUs, AMD will by now have released its Zen 4C run EPYC Bergamo chips so the Xeon lineup may well stop up becoming too very little & as well late with only Intel’s state-of-the-art instruction sets backing them up in area of interest workloads. A fantastic factor for Emerald Rapids would be that it will continue being suitable with the Eagle Stream system (LGA 4677) and will offer greater PCIe lanes of up to eighty (Gen five) and more quickly DDR5-5600 memory speeds.

Intel Granite Rapids-SP sixth Gen Xeon CPU Family

Transferring around to Granite Rapids-SP, this is exactly where Intel truly starts to make some significant alterations to its lineup. As of suitable now, Intel has confirmed that its Granite Rapids-SP Xeon CPUs will be based mostly on the ‘Intel 4’ course of action node (Formely 7nm EUV) but according to the leaked information, the placement for Granite Rapids is transferring on roadmaps so we are not exactly positive when the chips will actually appear to current market. A chance is someday involving 2023 and 2024 as Emerald Rapids will be serving as an intermediary alternative and not a appropriate Xeon family members substitute.

It is said that Granite Rapids-SP Xeon chips will make use of the Redwood Cove main architecture and attribute enhanced main counts nevertheless the specific variety is not furnished. Intel did tease a substantial-stage overview of its Granite Rapids-SP CPU for the duration of its ‘Accelerated’ keynote which appeared to function many dies packaged in a single SOC by way of EMIB. We can see HBM packages along with large-bandwidth Rambo Cache offers. The Compute tile seems to be composed of 60 cores for every die which equals a hundred and twenty cores in overall but we should assume a number of of people cores to be disabled to get much better yields on the new Intel 4 process node.

AMD will be rising the core counts of its very own Zen 4C EPYC lineup with Bergamo, pushing out up to 128 cores and 256 threads so, even with Intel doubling its core depend, they however might not be equipped to match AMD’s disruptive multi-threaded and multi-core lead. But in conditions of IPC, this is the place Intel may well start off receiving close to AMD’s Zen architecture in the server section and again in the match. The CPU is claimed to element up to 128 PCIe Gen six. lanes and a TDP of up to 400W.  The CPUs will also be able to make use of up to 12-Channel DDR5 memory with speeds of up to DDR5-6400. The efficiency improve around Emerald Rapids will pretty much double thanks to double the core counts and an enhanced core architecture although in general effectiveness/selling price is anticipated to go up by fifty%.

1 interesting element described by TheNextPlatform is that setting up Granite Rapids, Intel Xeon CPUs will adopt the hottest AVX-1024/FMA3 vector engines for elevated overall performance in a several selection of workloads. However that would necessarily mean that the electricity quantities using these guidelines are heading to go up greatly. The Granite Rapids and future technology of Xeon CPUs are heading to be suitable with a new ‘Mountain Stream’ platform.

Intel Diamond Rapids-SP seventh Gen Xeon CPU Family members

Occur Diamond Rapids-SP and Intel could at last have its massive win from AMD due to the fact its initially EPYC start back again in 2017. Diamond Rapids Xeon CPUs are touted as ‘The Massive One’ in the leak and are predicted to start by 2025 with a radically new architecture that will be positioned from Zen five. The EPYC Turin lineup based mostly on Zen five would not be coming slowly but surely as AMD will be aware of Intel setting up a comeback in the data middle and server section. So far, there are no specifics accessible as for what architecture or core depend the new chips will supply but they will present compatibility on the exact same Birch Stream and Mountain Stream platforms that will also support Granite Rapids-SP chips.

The Diamond Rapids 7th Gen Xeon CPUs are predicted to aspect the enhanced Lion Cove cores on the Intel 3 (5nm) procedure node and present up to a hundred and forty four cores and 288 threads. The clock speeds will see a gradual enhance from 2.5 to two.seven GHz (preliminary). As for IPC improvement, the Diamond Rapids chips are expe ted to present up to 39% uplift in excess of Granite Rapids. Total performance is expected to make improvements to by 80% though general performance/cost is anticipated to strengthen by 40%. For the system alone, the chips are anticipated to offer you up to 128 PCIe Gen six. lanes, DDR6-7200 memory assistance, and up to 288 MB of L3 cache.

The Diamond Rapids-SP lineup isn’t anticipated by 2025 so it really is nevertheless significantly off. There is certainly also Sierra Forest described which is not a successor but a variation of the Diamond Fast-SP Xeon lineup that will be aimed at selected clients like AMD’s Bergamo or the HBM variants of Sapphire Rapids-SP. It will definitely appear immediately after Diamond Rapids-SP by 2026.

Intel Xeon SP Families:

Family Branding Skylake-SP Cascade Lake-SP/AP Cooper Lake-SP Ice Lake-SP Sapphire Rapids Emerald Rapids Granite Rapids Diamond Rapids
System Node 14nm+ 14nm++ 14nm++ 10nm+ Intel 7 Intel seven Intel 4 Intel 3?
System Identify Intel Purley Intel Purley Intel Cedar Island Intel Whitley Intel Eagle Stream Intel Eagle Stream Intel Mountain Stream
Intel Birch Stream
Intel Mountain Stream
Intel Birch Stream
MCP (Multi-Chip Package) SKUs No Certainly No No Certainly TBD TBD (Maybe Of course) TBD (Maybe Yes)
Socket LGA 3647 LGA 3647 LGA 4189 LGA 4189 LGA 4677 LGA 4677 LGA 4677 TBD
Max Core Rely Up To 28 Up To 28 Up To 28 Up To forty Up To 56 Up To 64? Up To a hundred and twenty? TBD
Max Thread Count Up To 56 Up To 56 Up To fifty six Up To eighty Up To 112 Up To 128? Up To 240? TBD
Max L3 Cache 38.5 MB L3 38.5 MB L3 38.5 MB L3 sixty MB L3 105 MB L3 120 MB L3? TBD TBD
Memory Assistance DDR4-2666 6-Channel DDR4-2933 6-Channel Up To 6-Channel DDR4-3200 Up To eight-Channel DDR4-3200 Up To 8-Channel DDR5-4800 Up To eight-Channel DDR5-5600? TBD TBD
PCIe Gen Assist PCIe 3. (forty eight Lanes) PCIe 3. (48 Lanes) PCIe 3. (48 Lanes) PCIe four. (64 Lanes) PCIe 5. (80 lanes) PCIe 5. PCIe six.? PCIe 6.?
TDP Variety 140W-205W 165W-205W 150W-250W one hundred and five-270W Up To 350W Up To 350W TBD TBD
3D Xpoint Optane DIMM N/A Apache Pass Barlow Move Barlow Move Crow Move Crow Go? Donahue Move? Donahue Move?
Competitiveness AMD EPYC Naples 14nm AMD EPYC Rome 7nm AMD EPYC Rome 7nm AMD EPYC Milan 7nm+ AMD EPYC Genoa ~5nm AMD Subsequent-Gen EPYC (Put up Genoa) AMD Future-Gen EPYC (Submit Genoa) AMD Next-Gen EPYC (Write-up Genoa)
Start 2017 2018 2020 2021 2022 2023? 2024? 2025?

Upcoming-Gen Intel Xeon vs AMD EPYC Generational CPU Comparison (Preliminary):

CPU Title Process Node / Architecture Cores / Threads Cache DDR Memory / Speed / Capacities PCIe Gen / Lanes TDPs Platform Launch
Intel Diamond Rapids Intel 3 / Lion Cove? a hundred and forty four / 288? 288 MB L3? DDR6-7200 / four TB? PCIe Gen six. / 128? Up To 425W Mountain Stream 2025?
AMD EPYC Turin 3nm / Zen five 256 / 512? 1024 MB L3? DDR5-6000 / eight TB? PCIe Gen six. / TBD Up To 600W SP5 2024-2025?
Intel Granite Rapids Intel 4 / Redwood Cove a hundred and twenty / 240 240 MB L3? DDR5-6400 / four TB? PCIe Gen 6. / 128? Up To 400W Mountain Stream 2024?
AMD EPYC Bergamo 5nm / Zen 4C 128 / 256 512 MB L3? DDR5-5600 / six TB? PCIe Gen five. / TBD? Up To 400W SP5 2023
Intel Emerald Rapids Intel 7 / Raptor Cove sixty four / 128? one hundred twenty MB L3? DDR5-5200 / 4 TB? PCIe Gen five. / 80 Up To 375W Eagle Stream 2023
AMD EPYC Genoa 5nm / Zen four 96 / 192 384 MB L3? DDR5-5200 / 4 TB? PCIe Gen five. / 128 Up To 400W SP5 2022
Intel sapphire Rapids Intel 7 / Golden Cove 56 / 112 one zero five MB L3 DDR5-4800 / four TB PCIe Gen 5. / eighty Up To 350W Eagle Stream 2022

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