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Intel Graphics Driver Prep For 14th Gen Meteor Lake Tiled-GPU…

Intel To Disclose New Data on 14th Gen Meteor Lake & 15th Gen Arrow Lake CPUs at HotChip 34

Continuing with Intel’s drm-intel-gt-subsequent pull for Linux 6.one, the firm has revealed the closing pull ask for for the most recent attributes this sort of as enablement for the tiled-GPU featured on the Meteor Lake CPUs.

Intel readies much more Meteor Lake code for graphics driver in Linux six.one

The most up-to-date inclusion to Intel’s drm-intel-up coming pull for the future Linux 6.1 kernel is extra Meteor Lake inclusions, this time concentrating on graphics. As remaining support for Raptor Lake is concluding in just Linux, the open up-supply growth office of Intel has began initial preparations for the following Meteor Lake architecture, which will stick to the thirteenth Gen Raptor Lake CPUs.

Intel did its very best to assure that Meteor Lake will utilize many of the similar capabilities of the DG2 Arc Alchemist GPUs. The enterprise is anticipating that its tile-centered chiplet structure will be more economical and innovative than earlier generations. Meteor Lake will provide, comparable to DG2, the same paths applied for driver code, besides the standalone media device. Meteor Lake’s new merge pull ask for will involve the DP AUX support for USB Type-C ports, display screen electric power wells code, GPIO, and GMBUS assistance enablement, together with much more minimal-level alterations.

Finally, the newest merge pull ask for for Linux 6.one will activate seamless M/N alterations for supporting eDP panels, further patches, and varying code refactoring.

Under is a summary of the existing alterations and additions.

Options and performance:

  • More Meteorlake system enabling
  • Allow seamless M/N alterations on eDP panels that help it
  • Change DSC debugfs from output bpp to enter bpc

Refactoring and cleanups:

  • Clocking and DPLL refactoring and cleanups to assist seamless M/N
  • Lots of VBT definition and parsing updates and cleanups
  • Extract SKL watermark code to a independent file, and clean up
  • Clean up up IPC interfaces and debugfs
  • Proceed moving screen data beneath drm_i915_non-public display screen sub-struct
  • Display quirk dealing with refactoring and abstractions
  • Prevent working with implicit dev_priv in gmbus registers
  • BUG_ON() removals and conversions to drm_Alert_ON() and Establish_BUG_ON()
  • Use drm_dp_phy_identify() for logging (Jani) – Use REG_Little bit() macros for CDCLK registers
  • Transfer display screen and media IP variations to runtime details


  • Correct DP MST suspend to stay away from use-immediately after-free of charge
  • Correct HPD suspend to keep away from use-after-free for fbdev
  • Fix various PSR concerns about selective update and damage clips
  • Repair runtime pm wakerefs for driver eliminate and launch
  • Resolve situations for filtering set modes for panels
  • Take care of Tv encoder clock computation
  • Take care of dvo manner_legitimate hook return variety


  • Backmerge drm-following to sync the DP MST atomic improvements

For customers interested in the finish checklist of aspects bundled in the most recent merge request from the blue staff for drm-intel-gt-future in Linux six.1, visitors need to simply click here for immediate access to the changelog in the official mailing checklist.

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