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Intel Core i9-11900K, Core i9-11900, Core i7-11700 Rocket Lake 8…

intel’s Rocket Lake Desktop CPUs which include the Core i9-11900K, Core i9-11900 & Main i7-11700 have been spotted at Chiphell Message boards (by using Harukaze5719). All 3 chips are part of the eleventh Gen loved ones and aspect eight cores with 16 threads. The leaker details out that these a few chips are early engineering samples & consequently characteristic much decreased clock speeds than the retail variants that will be accessible all around Q1 ’21.

Intel Core i9-11900K, Core i9-11900, Main i7-11700 8 Main, eleventh Gen, Rocket Lake Desktop CPUs Noticed

Commencing with the specifications, nicely there just isn’t significantly big difference in conditions of main configuration as each and every CPU packs eight cores, 16 threads, sixteen MB of L3 cache, and 4 MB of L2 cache. The distinction here is the clock speeds and TDPs for every single respective chip. The Intel Core i9-11900K is heading to be the flagship CPU in the eleventh Generation loved ones and will rock a base TDP of 125W and a PL2 ranking of 250W. The Intel Core i9-11900 and Main i7-11700 are regular non-K SKUs with foundation 65W TDPs and PL2 rankings of 225W.

The core clocks for these chips are also not closing as the Intel Core i9-11900K is rated at a foundation frequency of three.forty GHz and a strengthen frequency of 4.8 GHz (one-core) & 4.three GHz (all-core). The Core i9-11900 has a foundation frequency of 1.80 GHz and boosts up to four.5 GHz (one-core) and four. GHz (all-main). The i7-11700 also features a foundation clock of 1.80 GHz but has substantially lessen boost clocks of four.3 GHz (1-main) and three.eight GHz (all-core). After yet again, these aren’t ultimate clock speeds in any way. The Core i9-11900K will arrive with a three.fifty GHz base clock and a strengthen clock of four.80 GHz (all-core) & five.30 GHz (solitary-core TVB 3.).

Intel eleventh Gen Rocket Lake Desktop CPU Lineup Specs (Preliminary):

CPU Title Cores / Threads Base Clock Strengthen Clock (one-Core) Improve Clock (All-Core) Cache Graphics TDP (PL1)
Core i9-11900K 8 / 16 3.fifty GHz 5.30 GHz four.eighty GHz 16 MB Intel Xe 32 EU (256 Cores) 125W
Main i9-11900 8 / sixteen 1.80 GHz 4.40 GHz 3.80 GHz sixteen MB Intel Xe 32 EU (256 Cores) 65W
Main i9-11900T 8 / 16 TBC TBC TBC sixteen MB Intel Xe 32 EU (256 Cores) 35W
Core i7-11700K 8 / sixteen TBC 5.00 GHz four.sixty GHz sixteen MB Intel Xe 32 EU (256 Cores) 125W
Core i7-11700 eight / 16 2.50 GHz 4.90 GHz TBC sixteen MB Intel Xe 32 EU (256 Cores) 65W
Core i7-11700T eight / sixteen TBC TBC sixteen MB Intel Xe 32 EU (256 Cores) 35W
Main i5-11600K 6 /twelve TBC 4.90 GHz 4.sixty GHz twelve MB Intel Xe 32 EU (256 Cores) 125W
Core i5-11600 six /12 TBC TBC TBC 12 MB Intel Xe 32 EU (256 Cores) 65W
Main i5-11600T 6 /12 TBC TBC TBC 12 MB Intel Xe 32 EU (256 Cores) 35W
Main i5-11500 six /12 TBC TBC TBC 12 MB Intel Xe 32 EU (256 Cores) 65W
Core i5-11500T six /12 TBC TBC TBC twelve MB Intel Xe 32 EU (256 Cores) 35W
Main i5-11400 6 /12 two.sixty GHz four.four hundred GHz four.20 GHz twelve MB Intel Xe 24 EU (192 Cores) 65W
Core i5-11400T 6 /twelve TBC TBC TBC 12 MB Intel Xe 24 EU (192 Cores) 35W

A singular general performance benchmark for the Core i7-11700 was proven exactly where the chip scored 529 points in single-main and 4672 points in the multi-core examination inside Cinebench R20. A Main i7-10700 for comparison scores 499 details in the solitary-main and 4834 factors in the multi-main tests. So just suitable off the bat, we can see that the Main i7-11700 is not precisely a great deal more rapidly than its predecessor but we also have to consider into account the considerably decrease clock speeds than the Intel Core i7-11700 ES CPU below has to supply. The regular Main i7-10700 has a a lot higher base clock of 2.ninety GHz (1.1 GHz larger) and also boosts at a substantially bigger four.80 GHz (1-main) & four.two GHz (all-core).

The most interesting info coming out of this leak and also what we have read is that the Intel B560 lineup in the coming technology will aid memory overclocking. The leaker delivered a very small glimpse of that by running the memory at 4133 MHz (X.M.P enabled). On the preceding technology B collection motherboards, memory overclocking was disabled and even the XMP functions have been locked out and special to the higher-close Z sequence boards.

The leaker also mentions the prices of these ES CPUs which are 2800 Chinese Yen ($430 US) for the Intel Core i9-11900K, 2300 Chinese Yen ($350 US) for the Core i9-11900, and 1600 Chinese Yen ($245 US) for the Core i7-11700 CPU. These usually are not official retail charges but they match they are definitely decreased than the retail 10th Gen areas.

The  Core i9-10900K retails for $499 US formally and though the Main i9-11900K is technically not a substitution for the 10 core supplying, it does appear to aspect an $eighty US decrease value. Since Intel is dropping down the main depend and betting it all on its Cypress Cove core architecture, they may have to reduce the cost per section to contend against AMD’s Ryzen nine and Ryzen seven pieces which not only supply much more cores and threads but also occur with excellent MT (Multi-Threaded) effectiveness.

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