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Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPU Delidded, Slightly Bigger Die…

Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPU Delidded, A little bit More substantial Die Than Alder Lake & Up To 420W Energy Restrict

The first photos of a delidded 13th Gen Intel Raptor Lake CPUs have been printed by Bilibili content creator and tech outlet, Expreview. The online video which is very strange demonstrates the person delidding the chip, breaking off a single capacitor, fusing it back all over again, and testing the chip on an ASUS Z690 board, generating confident that it will work but alas, it did not.

Intel’s 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPU Receives Delidded In A Weird Movie, Demonstrates Gold-Plated IHS With Solder

The Intel thirteenth Gen Raptor Lake CPU shown in the video is a Main i9-13900 Engineering sample that functions 24 cores and 32 threads. This should not be mistaken with the top Main i9-13900K which is equipped with a substantially better TDP and speedier clocks even though the die configuration is the very same used in this article. Just like twelfth Gen Alder Lake CPUs, the 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs will occur in two configs, a C0 die which features the comprehensive core config and a trimmed down and also smaller sized C0 die which would dwelling up to six P-Cores.

Intel’s 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs will attribute a more substantial die than 12th Gen Alder Lake CPUs. (Image Credits: Expreview)

Searching at the delidded photos, Intel is after again making use of a large-close Solder style and design with a gold-plated IHS to make sure the greatest thermal transfer concerning the die and warmth spreader. The CPU has superior-finish TIM in between the die and IHS but not the liquid steel TIM that AMD employs for its Ryzen chiplets. As for the Raptor Lake H0 die, it looks to be a bit even larger than the Alder Lake H0 die, measuring 23.8 x ten.8mm or 257.04mm. For comparison, the Alder Lake leading-die actions 20.four x ten.2mm or 208.08mm2. This is an improve of 24% in die area which can make sense considering the fact that the new CPUs will pack additional Gracemont E-Cores and will also get more substantial L2/L3 caches than the twelfth Gen sections.

  • Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake Core i9-13900 (24/32) H0 Die – 257.04mm2
  • Intel twelfth Gen Alder Lake Core i9-12900K (sixteen/24) H0 Die – 208.08mmtwo

Some interesting data has also been shared by a different leaker at Baidu message boards who had posted this graphic. It is told that Intel’s 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs will have a utmost electricity limit of about 400-420W which is higher than the 300-330W restrict of the twelfth Gen Alder Lake processors.

Intel Raptor Lake vs AMD Raphael Desktop CPUs Comparison ‘Expected’

CPU Relatives AMD Raphael (RPL-X) Intel Raptor Lake (RPL-S)
System Node TSMC 5nm Intel 7
Architecture Zen 4 (Chiplet) Raptor Cove (P-Core)
Gracemont (E-Core)
Cores / Threads Up To sixteen/32 Up To 24/32
Whole L3 Cache sixty four MB (+3D V-Cache) 36 MB
Complete L2 Cache sixteen MB 32 MB
Whole Cache eighty MB 68 MB
Max Clocks (1T) five.7 GHz ~five.8 GHz
Memory Assistance DDR5 DDR5/DDR4
Memory Channels 2 Channel (2DPC) 2 Channel (2DPC)
Memory Speeds DDR5-5600 DDR5-5600
Platform Aid 600-Series (X670E/X670/B650/A620) 600-Sequence (Z690/H670/B650/H610)
seven hundred-Series (Z790/H770/B760)
PCIe Gen five. The two GPU & M.two (Intense chipsets only) Both equally GPU & M.2 (seven-hundred-Sequence only)
Integrated Graphics AMD RDNA two Intel Iris Xe
Socket AM5 (LGA 1718) LGA 1700/1800
TDP (Max) 170W (TDP)
230W (PPT)
125W (PL1)
240W+ (PL2)
Launch 2H 2022 2H 2022

When the electric power limit is substantially better, the new chips also run cooler underneath the exact ability usage and heatsink which transpires to be because of to superior area space protection for the die alone. The thirteenth Gen Raptor Lake CPUs can also sustain 5.8 – six. GHz without having the use of LN2 and that is some thing which is not attainable with twelfth Gen Alder Lake CPUs nevertheless you could have to have a incredibly significant-conclude 420mm AIO or a customized-loop established up to sustain these kinds of clock speeds.

The Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake Desktop CPUs including the flagship Main i9-13900K is expected to start in Oct on the Z790 system. The CPUs will be likely up against AMD’s Ryzen 7000 CPU lineup which launches next month on the 15th of September.

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