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Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake-S Non-K Desktop CPUs Pictured &…

Intel’s future 12th Gen Alder Lake-S Non-K Desktop CPU household has been pictured while on the internet stores have outlined the retail chips.

Intel’s twelfth Gen Alder Lake-S ‘Non-K’ Desktop CPUs Shown On the net, Shots & Specs Leak Out

The Intel Non-K lineup is more intended for typical and extra price tag-effective gaming setups. They you should not necessarily supply the bigger overclocking capabilities or the bigger clocks (and better TDP) as the unlocked SKUs but they do offer you decrease TDPs and are a great in good shape for OEMs and their pre-crafted solutions. As this sort of, Intel is envisioned to start at the very least 6 non-K variants of its twelfth Gen Alder Lake-S Desktop CPU relatives. The very first pictures of the retail Non-K chips have been leaked around at Zhihu by DDAA117 (via Videocardz).

Intel Non-K Alder Lake-S Main i9 CPUs

As envisioned, the Main i9 and Core i7 variants will retain the same core configuration as their ‘K’ series siblings. The most important discrepancies will arrive in the sort of clock speeds and TDPs. Commencing with the Main i9-12900(F), we are receiving the same sixteen core & 24 thread configuration with thirty MB of L3 cache. The clock speeds have been dialed back again to 2.forty GHz base clock for the P-Cores and 1.eighty GHz foundation clock for the E-Cores. The max improve clock will be pushed again by a hundred MHz to five.one GHz. That has to be done to accommodate the reduced 65W TDP compared to the 125W (241 MTP) on the unlocked SKU.

Intel Non-K Alder Lake-S Main i7 CPUs

The Intel Core i7-12700(F) will also aspect twelve cores, twenty threads, and twenty five MB of L3 cache. The clock speeds are dialed back again to a 2.ten GHz base for the P-Cores, a 1.60 GHz foundation for the E-Cores, and a max boost clock of four.ninety GHz on a 65W TDP. Upcoming up, we have the Core i5 variants which see the most sizeable adjustments in the variety of a non-hybrid structure.

Intel Non-K Alder Lake-S Core i5 CPUs

The Intel Core i5-12600 and Main i5-12400, both of those will aspect a 6 main and 12 thread design and style and will comprise only of Golden Cove (P-Cores). Both chips will feature 18 MB of L3 cache & clocks will be rated at 3.thirty GHz and 3.00 GHz base & four.eight GHz and four.six GHz strengthen, respectively. Each chips will arrive with 65W TDP and it will be extremely interesting to see how these chips fare from AMD’s Ryzen five 5600X as they are aiming at the same section. You will find also the Core i5-12500 which has been sandwiched among the two i5’s and functions the very same main configuration but 2.5 GHz base & 4.four GHz strengthen clocks.

Intel Non-K Alder Lake-S Core i3 CPUs

And finally, we have the Core i3 lineup which consists of the Intel Main i3-12300 and i3-12100. Equally CPUs arrive with four cores and eight threads (4 Golden Cove cores). The clocks are managed at four.four GHz and 4.3 GHz increase for the chips respectively. They also pack twelve MB of L3 cache and just about every chip down below the i5-12600 characteristics the UHD730 graphics though the larger-close chips aspect the UHD770 iGPU.

Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake Desktop CPU Specs “Preliminary”

CPU Identify P-Core Depend E-Main Depend Whole Core / Thread P-Main Foundation / Raise (Max) P-Main Enhance (All-Main) E-Main Base / Increase E-Main Enhance (All-Core) L3 Cache TDP (PL1) TDP (PL2) Expected (MSRP) Rate
Main i9-12900K 8 8 16 / 24 3.2 / five.two GHz five. GHz 2.4 / 3.9 GHz three.seven GHz 30 MB 125W 241W $599 US
Main i9-12900 eight eight 16 / 24 2.4 / five.1 GHz TBA 1.eight / TBA GHz TBA 30 MB 65W ~200W TBA
Main i9-12900T eight 8 sixteen / 24 TBA / 4.nine GHz TBA TBA TBA 30 MB 35W TBA TBA
Main i7-12700K eight four 12 / 20 three.6 / 5. GHz 4.7 GHz two.seven / 3.8 GHz 3.6 GHz twenty five MB 125W 190W $419 US
Core i7-12700 eight 4 12 / twenty 2.1 / four.nine GHz TBA one.six / TBA GHz TBA 25 MB 65W ~190W TBA
Core i7-12700T 8 four 12 / 20 TBA / 4.seven GHz TBA TBA TBA 25 MB 35W TBA TBA
Main i5-12600K 6 four ten / 16 three.7 / 4.9 GHz 4.five GHz two.8 / 3.six GHz 3.four GHz twenty MB 125W 150W $299 US
Main i5-12600 6 six / 12 three.three / four.8 GHz four.four GHz N/A N/A 18 MB 65W ~200W TBA
Main i5-12600 six six / twelve TBA / four.6 GHz TBA N/A N/A eighteen MB 35W TBA TBA
Core i5-12500T 6 six / twelve TBA / four.four GHz TBA N/A N/A eighteen MB 35W TBA TBA
Core i5-12400 six six / twelve 2.five / 4.four GHz 4. GHz N/A N/A eighteen MB 65W ~150W TBA
Main i5-12400T six six / 12 TBA / 4.2 GHz TBA N/A N/A 18 MB 35W TBA TBA
Main i3-12300 four four / 8 TBA / 4.4 GHz TBA N/A N/A twelve MB 65W ~150W TBA
Main i3-12200T 4 four / 8 TBA / 4.2 GHz TBA N/A N/A 12 MB 35W TBA TBA
Main i3-12100 four 4 / 8 TBA / four.three GHz TBA N/A N/A 12 MB 65W ~150W TBA
Main i3-12100T 4 four / eight TBA / 4.1 GHz TBA N/A N/A 12 MB 35W TBA TBA

A number of Non-K Desktop CPUs have also been outlined above in a retail outlet dependent in Bangladesh. The two chips detailed are the Intel Core i7-12700 and the Core i5-12400. The two are explained to be in stock but no costs are offered. In addition to these, Intel has also confirmed that it will assistance the XMP 3. memory overclocking characteristic on a selection of 600-sequence chipsets including the W680, Z690, H670, & B660.

The Intel Non-K Alder Lake lineup is predicted to start in early 2022 and will also include B660 and much more mainstream motherboard options for spending plan Laptop builders.

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