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GDDR6X Thermal Pad Found Missing on ASUS GeForce RTX 3080…

Owner of ASUS's GeForce RTX 3080 Ti TUF OC Graphics Card Identified Entire GDDR6X Thermal Pad Lacking

Two times ago, Reddit user kamaloo92 found why his ASUS RTX 3080 Ti TUF OC was jogging extremely hotter than ordinary.

Proprietor of ASUS’s GeForce RTX 3080 Ti TUF OC Graphics Card Observed Overall GDDR6X Thermal Pad Lacking

The person discovered that one side of the plate covering the VRAM to keep suitable temperatures was missing the thermal pads. This was after he was attempting to figure out that even after all components and program troubleshooting was completed, they have been however unable to decide why the VRAM temperatures have been incredibly high. So, like any computer system user that is snug dismantling elements of their laptop, kamaloo92 took apart the ASUS graphics card and uncovered that the thermal tape was missing on one side.

“My RTX 3080 Ti experienced quite higher VRAM temperature – Tj pretty much constantly 110°C no matter what i [experimented with]. So i at last opened it up to locate lacking thermal pad on 4 VRAM chips.”

“There are some markings on heat spreader like pad was here for a few seconds, but the VRAM chips are clean up. So I presume thermal pad someway slide in advance of placing heat spreader on PCB.”

“It was performing typically. No reboots in anyway, just constant thermal throttling.”

They afterwards had been requested what they utilised for the alternative thermal pads. It is not an uncommon apply for professional users to change thermal pads for superior functionality and heat dissipation, especially when they come to feel the inventory padding is not enough more than enough.

“I have additional missing pad and altered current kinds – just to be risk-free. I have also additional supplemental pad as proposed for 3080 TUF (non Ti) and VRAM temps dropped to max 80°C. So I hope it will be great.”

“Just in circumstance, I have employed Gelid GP-Excessive. 1.5mm for VRAM to warmth spreader 1.5mm for VRM on the video clip connectors end 3mm for warmth spreader to primary heatsink 3mm for VRM on the electrical power connector conclusion I have not taken off backplate so I do not know what is actually there. On GPU I’ve applied Kryonaut. All measurements were finished with calipers.”

“I have heated my card for several minutes in activity – this should make it possible for pads to give a lot easier.”

In the exact r/nvidia Reddit discussion board, seven days in the past consumer obamaprism3 found a defect with the paste that was supposed to only include the VRAM, but was also masking the die on the GPU, creating concerns with overheating on their 3080 FE GPU:

Over the final numerous months, we have observed photos of manufacturing unit flaws and foreign objects located in certain hardware. What was fascinating was that some users on Reddit pointed out how that because of to the pandemic, employees were being remaining stressed due to lack of additional assist on assembly traces, or possibly less-professional staff having to be additional to firms to regulate for the lack of workforce. Granted, it is speculation thanks to not recognizing all the information from any of the makers, but it is appealing reasoning why extra conditions of problems are coming to gentle, in particular in the GPU industry.

Resource: u/kamaloo92, u/obamaprism3

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