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Devolo Magic 2 Wi-Fi Next review: Mesh network through your…

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  • The means to get high throughput from most areas in your home 
  • Terrific range 
  • Utilizes the electrical wires in your household to hardwire all of the nodes 
  • two-year components warranty 


  • Gentle on features 
  • Lacking very important router configurability like IP reservations 
  • Doesn’t appear to do properly with complex networks 
  • Restricted placement options 
  • Atypical set up

Our Verdict

Devolo’s Whole Residence Wi-Fi Package can be a effortless way to deploy a hardwire-like network working with powerline technology by using your electrical power outlets, but it has some limits that you will need to consider before leaping in.

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If you are a networking nerd (there are dozens of us. Dozens!), you’ve likely encountered the time period “powerline” in reference to router hardware. For the rest of you who have under no circumstances listened to of this, here’s the pitch: Picture a Wi-Fi community exactly where just about every node connects to the other folks by neither ethernet nor Wi-Fi, but in its place by the electrical wires previously coursing by way of your property. It seems intuitively insane, right until you consider that power about ethernet exists. Why does it operate, when there’s by now electricity shifting as a result of the strains? Frequency! Electrical power moves by your residence at a certain frequency (60Hz in the Usa), so for just about anything else to move over all those wires with negligible interference, it just wants to work at a distinct frequency, like vehicles driving down distinct lanes of a highway—generally in between 2MHz and 86MHz, in the scenario of powerline adapters. 

Devolo was form sufficient to mail us its Magic two Wi-Fi Subsequent Full Residence Wi-Fi Package, which is made up of two Wi-Fi nodes and a gateway LAN unit. After about two months with the device, I arrived absent intrigued, but I won’t personally be providing up my ordinary wireless mesh community whenever quickly. We’ll get to why later—for now, let’s get some fundamental things out of the way. 

Devolo Magic two Wi-Fi Subsequent: What you get 

As previously stated, the Magic two Residence Wi-Fi Package comes with two Wi-Fi nodes, which just about every search like a one-plug surge protector with two ethernet ports on just one conclude. They are brick-formed, just about brick-sized, white, and they each individual have two LED indicator lights on them. The LAN adapter, for its aspect, has a single ethernet port and a pinprick standing LED. Both equally the Wi-Fi adapters and the LAN adapter have an integrated a few-prong plug on the back, so you’ll plug them directly into a wall, although the entrance of each and every unit has a a few-prong receptacle, letting you to however use the outlet for electrical functions. The Magic two Wi-Fi program is dual band, and supports Wi-Fi 5—the revisionist designation for 802.11ac. Its max channel bandwidth is 80MHz, and data charges for a one relationship max out at a theoretical one,200Mbps, with backhaul velocity concerning nodes a max 2,000Mbps. I hardly ever saw this sort of speed, but which is not surprising—my household turns one hundred years outdated this calendar year, and nevertheless has a great deal of its primary fabric-coated wiring.  

Devolo Magic two Wi-Fi Up coming: The setup 

Location up the Devolo package is relatively straightforward, even though in my circumstance it demanded a minor bit of trial and mistake, as it didn’t operate thoroughly on the 1st go-close to. When it operates as supposed, you basically plug in the wireless nodes wherever you intend to continue to keep them, wait around a moment for them to discover each and every other (indicated by the lovable little household-shaped LED on the entrance glowing white), then plug in your LAN adapter and hook it up to your present router or modem through its ethernet port, and hold out for its standing LED to also glow white. Basically, it is the reverse of the system you’d use to set up a typical mesh network, and this was not the only atypical portion of the experience. 

Devolo Magic 2 Wi-Fi Next adapter ports
The Magic two W-Fi Subsequent nodes have twin gigabit ethernet ports on the base.

Wes Davis / Foundry

Putting the gear was also frustrating, as it required me to totally reconfigure the bodily makeup of my community. The LAN adapter for the process has only 1 ethernet port—its incoming WAN port—meaning I experienced to relocate the a few smart household hubs I typically keep related to my gateway Eero router. However this is anything to consider right before buying, it won’t be problematic for everybody. For the reason that of the better backhaul throughput made available by the powerline link involving nodes, you’re free to rethink your topology: With my Eero setup, I keep 1 router in the centermost placement doable, with satellites spread about the dwelling to try to bounce a much better signal where it is weakest—with powerline, every single node is obtaining better throughput than my wireless Eero nodes, so you can get away with accessibility points that surround the centerpoint, relatively than originating there.  

Devolo Magic 2 Wi-Fi Next

Wes Davis / Foundry

If you actually want to go nuts in the course of set up, you can obtain the Devolo Cockpit application on your laptop, which allows you immediately test the power of the connection from one Devolo adapter to another, which is practical for original setup, permitting you improve throughput to each part of the program. Cockpit is also the most straightforward way to configure your units from a computer system, as hovering your mouse about each and every adapter in the app presents you the alternative to go to the configuration web site for that machine.  

Devolo Magic 2 Wi-Fi Next phone UI
The telephone UI is basic, with no sophisticated configuration selections readily available.

Wes Davis / Foundry

As routers go, Devolo’s technique is fairly bare-bones when it will come to management computer software and characteristic established. Devolo’s telephone application is how most men and women will very likely interact with the community, and it delivers the simple handle that most will be seeking for, permitting users to configure their community identify, or SSID, and password. It also has some essential parental controls and Wi-Fi scheduling. The parental controls are likely to be unintuitive for any person not made use of to taking care of a community, as it requires the person to know the MAC address of the equipment they’d like controlled—which suggests they have to have to know what a MAC deal with is in the to start with area, which means for most people today this attribute may possibly as perfectly not exist.  

Devolo Magic two Wi-Fi Subsequent: Administration software and features 

Devolo Magic 2 Wi-Fi Next web UI
The world-wide-web UI is approximately equivalent to that of the smartphone application, with just a several a lot more options, but nevertheless lacking a great deal of usual router configuration selections. 


Most routers with simplified controls in a smartphone app have a tendency to give much more specialized configuration through the net UI, but in Devolo’s case, you’re provided the very same choices when you go to a device’s configuration webpage. You get some aspect toggles like those for quick roaming or energy preserving, and you can do matters like change off a device’s position LED (every router need to have this aspect). But crucially, the router is missing the means to established up IP reservations, issue your network to tailor made DNS addresses, or toggle UPnP—all of which are common alternatives that marginally far more complex buyers will want control around. Outside of WPA3 compatibility, there are also no other safety options, so you won’t get some of the fancier advert-blocking or malware-blocking that is presented by the likes of Asus, Eero, or Netgear, amongst other people, and you can’t do any guide domain name blocking. 

Devolo Magic two Wi-Fi Subsequent: Performance 

I’ll cop to this being my to start with encounter with any powerline router—as these types of, I was not certain what to hope. I realized that more mature powerline gear tended to be very gradual by modern expectations, but I also realized that more recent versions of the protocol can be substantially speedier. Given Devolo’s statements about throughput remaining up to two,000Mbps above electrical wiring, I figured it would have to be at minimum as good as my Eero community, if not superior.  

Devolo Magic 2 WiFi Next 5GHz benchmarks

Brad Chacos/IDG

Screening generally bore this out, while the make-up of the method designed it challenging to do immediate comparisons, as I couldn’t seriously set the access points of the process in the exact spots as my regular mesh router nodes. I put the Devolo nodes as close to the identical areas as I could, so we’re only speaking about a couple of ft of difference, but that can continue to consequence in reasonably big throughput differences. Because of that, you really should take these figures as an approximation of the relative general performance (as with any router benchmarks done outside of a lab). All through my house, though conducting throughput tests employing the community screening device iPerf 3, I observed frequently superior throughput that by no means dropped under 150Mbps—which you would hope for when all your equipment are essentially tricky-wired—with throughput hitting practically 500Mbps though I was testing inside a number of toes of a person of the nodes in my upstairs bed room. Total, the throughput and protection was amazing when compared to my Eero package, which has extra nodes but struggles to sufficiently reach some locations in and outside the house my household. 

That was all on the 5GHz band. two.4GHz performance, which is generally likely to be slower, was only better than my Eero technique in that upstairs bed room test—otherwise, specific assessments normally dropped to the one digits in a few out of my six screening destinations. I reside in an one,800 sq. foot, a hundred-yr aged residence, and the walls are thick, so this kind of performance can probably wreak havoc on an substantial good property ecosystem, dependent on what contributes to a reduced common: Is it consistent in its lessen throughput, or is the normal dragged down by sporadic, significantly slower overall performance? Luckily, the Devolo Magic procedure, although slower on the 2.4GHz band typically, stayed on the reliable aspect.  

Devolo Magic 2 WiFi Next 2.4GHz benchmarks

Brad Chacos/IDG

Benchmarks concluded, I moved on to putting the program through its paces in a lot more authentic-earth scenarios—streaming movie, taking part in online games, and so forth. I was equipped to stream movie on extra gadgets at when than any ordinary house would, and with no apparent drops in good quality. Most streaming services’ bitrate—that is, the amount of information conferred in a stream, as measured in Mbps—hangs out someplace all-around 5- to 10Mbps, give or acquire, so you ought to be able to stream on various TVs at as soon as with most routers on a good internet system. Future, I swapped networks to make the Devolo package my major mesh community, and this was in which matters fell aside for me. Points had been fantastic for about a day, but soon just after, I started to get rid of connection intermittently, then my connection completely. I could restart the Devolo network and it would repair it, but only quickly. I had so lots of troubles that I experienced to demote the system back to only an alternate SSID for a handful of desktops, a couple of game programs, and an Apple Television set.  

Devolo was type plenty of to enable me troubleshoot the challenge, and the eventual summary was that there were 3 units destabilizing my network. Specified the variety of more mature Wi-Fi smart home devices I have on my network, all of which I’m in the system of replacing, I just can’t say I’m surprised there were some causing concerns even so, no other router I’ve tested has experienced these types of issues. This must give anyone with a related program pause. 

Devolo Magic two Wi-Fi Subsequent: Bottom line 

In the conclusion, the Magic 2 Wi-Fi mesh process feels like it’s an unfinished merchandise, the two for the reason that of the trouble I experienced keeping on line when the Magic 2 was at the head of my network, and since of a UI that obscures or absolutely lacks the most important options. And, as a powerline technique, the restriction that nodes be located at a electric power outlet that is only about eighteen inches off the floor can make placement difficult, especially in older residences with fewer shops. That said, if you have a much more normal community that’s not littered, like mine, with finicky IoT equipment, and you want something close to the reward of a entirely hardwired mesh network with out all the stress of operating ethernet cables by your partitions, this could be a good technique for you. At $300 for a multi-room package with two nodes and a LAN adapter, the Magic 2 is a little bit dear, but for some, the absence of headache may perhaps be well worth the quality.