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AMD Ryzen 7000 Series ‘Raphael’ CPUs Leaked In New Roadmap…

A lacking piece of AMD’s impending roadmap was just posted by Twitter consumer @sepeuwmjh (by using Videocardz). The roadmap reveals a missing codename that is suspected to be AMD’s lineup of desktop CPUs featuring Zen4 know-how and Navi2 graphics. The lacking corner is from a roadmap that was initially posted by MebiuW and has considering the fact that been cleanly compiled by @Olrak29_.

AMD’s Raphael APUs: TSMC 5nm, Zen4 architecture and Navi2 iGPU, currently scheduled to land in early 2022

The following snippet was tweeted by twitter person sepeuwmjh, which seems to be a generic leak account from a enterprise insider. Contemplating it matches 1-1 the leak by MebiuW ages ago, it is likely that they are from the similar supply.

For people wondering where Raphel fits, it will succeed Warhol which will do well the Vermeer lineup of processors. Vermeer is the mainstream desktop lineup from AMD appropriate now and does not consist of an iGPU – which has been a important source of thrust again when dealing with company consumers (which totally involve an iGPU). Likewise, Warhol is also without an iGPU. Raphael, on the other hand, shakes things up totally and adds an RDNA2 block as integrated graphics.

Entire leaked roadmap compiled by @Olrak29_

The system will also completely update the socket style as it will go from AM4 to AM5 with Raphael. The procedure is also heading to change to 5nm from 6nm (which is just a revision of 7nm). At the same time PCIe five. is heading to be released to the platform along with the change to DDR5. In other words and phrases, this is likely to be a person of the greatest changes to AMD’s desktop system in a quite prolonged time. If the roadmap is to be thought, it will start off shipping and delivery in the early 2022 array so we should see an announcement on CES 2022 assuming there are no delays.

At the same time, Cezanne, the APU platform is heading to be succeeded by Rembrandt which will be succeeded by Phoenix. Just like Raphael, Phoenix is going to be the mobility APU system to glance out for. It will also feature Zen four, NAVI 2 graphics, AM5, PCIe five. and DDR 5 memory. Thinking about the prevailing desire and provide predicament in the semiconductor business having said that and seeing how chocked TSMC is, it is achievable that this roadmap slips a very little so we would urge a pinch of salt and hold out for even more confirmation before earning plans. That stated, it is clear that AMD is preparing an complete monster lineup in 2022.

AMD CPU Roadmap (2017-2022)

Year 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2021-2022 2023
Architecture Zen (one) Zen (one) / Zen+ Zen (two) / Zen+ Zen (3) / Zen 2 Zen (3) / Zen three (+) Zen (four) / Zen three (+) Zen (4)
System Node 14nm 14nm / 12nm 7nm 7nm 7nm 5nm / 6nm 5nm
Server EPYC ‘Naples’ EPYC ‘Naples’ EPYC ‘Rome’ EPYC ‘Rome’ EPYC ‘Milan’ EPYC ‘Genoa’ TBD
Max Server Cores / Threads 32/sixty four 32/64 sixty four/128 64/128 64/128 TBD TBD
Large Close Desktop Ryzen Threadripper 1000 Series (White Haven) Ryzen Threadripper 2000 Sequence (Coflax) Ryzen Threadripper 3000 Series (Castle Peak) Ryzen Threadripper 3000 Series (Castle Peak) Ryzen Threadripper 5000 Sequence (Chagall) Ryzen Threadripper 6000 Collection Ryzen Threadripper 7000 Series
Ryzen Relatives Ryzen 1000 Series Ryzen 2000 Sequence Ryzen 3000 Sequence Ryzen 4000/5000 Collection Ryzen 5000 Sequence Ryzen 6000 Collection Ryzen 7000 Collection
Max HEDT Cores / Threads sixteen/32 32/64 sixty four/128 64/128 64/128 TBD TBD
Mainstream Desktop Ryzen 1000 Series (Summit Ridge) Ryzen 2000 Collection (Pinnacle Ridge) Ryzen 3000 Series (Matisse) Ryzen 5000 Series (Vermeer) Ryzen 5000/6000 Series (Warhol) Ryzen 6000/7000 Collection (Raphael) TBD
Max Mainstream Cores / Threads eight/16 eight/16 16/32 sixteen/32 16/32 16/32 TBD
Budget APU N/A Ryzen 2000 Sequence (Raven Ridge) Ryzen 3000 Collection (Picasso Zen+) Ryzen 4000 Series (Renoir Zen 2) Ryzen 5000 Collection (Cezanne Zen 3) Ryzen 6000 Collection (Rembrandt Zen three+) Ryzen 7000 Collection (Phoenix Zen four)

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