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AMD EPYC 7004 ‘Genoa’ CPU Engineering Sample Possibly Spotted: 32…

A feasible AMD EPYC 7004 ‘Genoa‘ CPU engineering sample has been spotted in Geekebench 5 databases. The sample isn’t going to supply us with much information if its certainly a Genoa chip but there’s just one part that could verify that it could possibly in truth be the scenario.

AMD 5nm EPYC 7004 ‘Genoa’ CPU Engineering Noticed Within just Geekbench five: Attributes 32 Zen 4 Cores, 32 MB L2 Cache, 128 MB L3 Cache & Up To four.6 GHz Clocks

The leaked chip is determined as an AMD Engineering sample with the ‘100-000000866-01’ codename and it appears to be like pretty significantly like an upgraded version of the past Genoa sample that leaked out back again in March.

This unique AMD EPYC Genoa chip is fabricated on the 5nm system node and will rock a overall of 32 Zen 4 cores and 64 threads. In phrases of clock speeds, the CPU is claimed to element a foundation clock of one.20 GHz though the all-core improve is rated at four.sixty GHz.

This is an enhance of 35% about the previous chip which was jogging at a max clock velocity of three.four GHz. Now, these are preliminary clock speeds and we won’t be able to say for certain how effectively these clocks have been being maintained all through the tests. Our guess is not that excellent thinking about the reduced scores as opposed to the 3.4 GHz sample.

AMD EPYC 7004 Genoa 32 Core engineering sample CPU has been noticed within the Geekbench benchmark database. (Image Credits: Benchleaks)

As for the cache, the L3 cache stays 32 MB per CCD and this 32 core chip packs 4 Zen four CCDs which will give 128 MB of L3 cache. The L2 cache on the other hand sees a substantial bump with a 2x maximize over the current Zen three structure. The AMD EPYC Genoa CPU packs 1 MB of L2 cache per main so that is 32 MB of L2 cache on the chip whereas a 32 core variant within the Zen three lineup would function only 16 MB of L2 cache. Do notice that this is only a 4-chiplet chip whereas the flagship Genoa chips will have as a lot of as twelve chiplets for a complete of ninety six MB L2 cache.

The platform showcased 384 GB of memory which should really be DDR5 considering that Genoa rocks a DDR5 IMC somewhat than DDR4 on existing Zen three EPYC CPUs. The Pegatron system it was tested on highlighted NVIDIA’s A100 80 GB PCIe accelerators. The AMD EPYC Genoa CPUs centered on the 5nm approach node will be providing up to 96 cores when they land on the new SP5 system afterwards this year. We are anticipating some big enhancement in equally one and multi-main overall performance and this leak is obvious of that.


Loved ones Identify AMD EPYC Naples AMD EPYC Rome AMD EPYC Milan AMD EPYC Milan-X AMD EPYC Genoa AMD EPYC Bergamo AMD EPYC Turin AMD EPYC Venice
Family Branding EPYC 7001 EPYC 7002 EPYC 7003 EPYC 7003X? EPYC 7004? EPYC 7005? EPYC 7006? EPYC 7007?
Family Start 2017 2019 2021 2022 2022 2023 2024-2025? 2025+
CPU Architecture Zen one Zen two Zen 3 Zen 3 Zen four Zen 4C Zen five Zen 6?
Course of action Node 14nm GloFo 7nm TSMC 7nm TSMC 7nm TSMC 5nm TSMC 5nm TSMC 3nm TSMC? TBD
Platform Title SP3 SP3 SP3 SP3 SP5 SP5 SP5 TBD
Socket LGA 4094 LGA 4094 LGA 4094 LGA 4094 LGA 6096 LGA 6096 LGA 6096 TBD
Max Main Rely 32 sixty four 64 sixty four 96 128 256 384?
Max Thread Depend 64 128 128 128 192 256 512 768?
Max L3 Cache sixty four MB 256 MB 256 MB 768 MB? 384 MB? TBD TBD TBD
Chiplet Layout 4 CCD’s (two CCX’s for each CCD) eight CCD’s (2 CCX’s per CCD) + 1 IOD 8 CCD’s (1 CCX for each CCD) + one IOD eight CCD’s with 3D V-Cache (one CCX per CCD) + 1 IOD 12 CCD’s (one CCX for each CCD) + 1 IOD 12 CCD’s (one CCX per CCD) + one IOD TBD TBD
Memory Support DDR4-2666 DDR4-3200 DDR4-3200 DDR4-3200 DDR5-5200 DDR5-5600? DDR5-6000? TBD
Memory Channels eight Channel 8 Channel eight Channel eight Channel 12 Channel twelve Channel TBD TBD
PCIe Gen Help 64 Gen 3 128 Gen four 128 Gen 4 128 Gen 4 128 Gen 5 TBD TBD TBD
TDP Array 200W 280W 280W 280W 320W (cTDP 400W) 320W (cTDP 400W) 480W (cTDP 600W) TBD

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