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AMD Announces Zen 3 Based ‘Cezanne’ Ryzen 5000 Mobility Series…

According to a large leak posted by Videocardz, AMD is saying their Ryzen 5000 series Cezanne mobility processors these days. Cezzane is the successor to the award-profitable Renoir family of APUs from AMD and is a collection of processors that has been eagerly predicted. The leaked slide deck not only has details of several microarchitectural improvements over the previous technology of mobility processors but also confirms that Cezanne APU will aspect a die size boost of fifteen% more than Renoir, clocking in at 180mm².

AMD announces Zen 3 centered Ryzen 5000 mobility collection APUs codenamed ‘Cezanne’

AMD’s Zen three based Ryzen 5000 sequence mobility processors characteristic ten.seven billion transistors and are fabricated on TSMC’s 7nmn system. They offer you a 23% uplift in single-threaded functionality versus the more mature Ryzen nine 4900H and will make AMD substantially extra competitive with Intel’s Tiger Lake in solitary-threaded loads. It characteristics double the cache with a unified eight core CCX and 16 MB of L3 cache which accelerates main interaction and lowers latency. AMD is also saying up to two hrs lengthier battery lifetime compared to the previous era and 19% additional solitary-threaded efficiency than the Intel 10980HK.

The new Zen 3 primarily based architecture attributes a solitary block of 16MB L3 cache as opposed to two blocks of 4MB L3 cache in Zen two. The one block of cache also feeds all 8 cores simultaneously as opposed to the previous design and style where by each and every block could only feed four cores. This enhances cache accessibility and load distribution and lowers power although escalating bandwidth.

Energy management has also been enhanced in excess of the final era (exactly where all of the CPU VCore were being pegged to the VGfx. With Ryzen 5000 sequence processors, the ability management is far more great-tuned and each individual main can have a different voltage and frequency irrespective of GPU load – which is very similar to how desktop setups work. This also includes the introduction of Deep Power states. Due to the fact of these adjustments, standby electric power has been amplified by twenty several hours, Idle time has been increased by just about four several hours, movie playback by 1.one hrs and standard use scenario by 2 hours.

The Zen 3 centered Ryzen 5000 collection flagship attributes USB 3.one and USB C assist with 2x NVME SATA connections and one PCIe Discrete GFX connection. A 7nm Vega enhanced onboard with eight compute models will give the graphics horsepower and infinity material will supply seamless connectivity concerning the two. The iGPU can now sustain clock frequencies up to 2.1 GHz and achieve two.fifteen TFLOPs of GPU horsepower. Mainly because of this the Ryzen 5800U can get a 171% greater graphics score than the first Ryzen 3700U.

AMD APU Forecasted Roadmap 2017-2022

APU Section Family members Codename Loved ones Branding Procedure Node CPU Architecture GPU Architecture Max Cores / Threads TDP Start Yr
Desktop Rembrandt Ryzen 6000G 6nm Zen 3+ Navi (RDNA two) 8/16 35-65W 2022
Desktop Cezanne Ryzen 5000G 7nm Zen three Vega (4th Gen) 8/16 35-65W 2021
Desktop Renoir Ryzen 4000G 7nm Zen two (Vega 3rd Gen) 8/sixteen 35-65W 2020
Desktop Picasso Ryzen 3000G 12nm Zen+ Vega (2nd Gen) 4/8 35-65W 2019
Desktop Raven Ridge Ryzen 2000G 14nm Zen Vega (1st Gen) four/eight 35-65W 2018
High-Conclusion Notebook Rembrandt-H Ryzen 6000H 6nm Zen three+ Navi (RDNA two) 8/sixteen 35-45W 2022
Higher-End Notebook Cezanne-H Ryzen 5000H 7nm Zen three Vega (4th Gen) eight/16 35-45W 2021
Higher-Close Notebook Renoir-H Ryzen 4000H 7nm Zen 2 (Vega third Gen) 8/16 35-45W 2020
Significant-Conclusion Notebook Picasso-H Ryzen 3000H 12nm Zen+ Vega (2nd Gen) 4/eight 35-45W 2019
Significant-Finish Notebook Raven Ridge-H Ryzen 2000H 14nm Zen Vega (1st Gen) 4/8 35-45W 2018
Extremely Small Electrical power Notebook Rembrandt-U Ryzen 6000U 6nm Zen 3+ Navi (RDNA 2) 8/16 15-25W 2022
Extremely Lower Ability Notebook Barcelo-U Ryzen 6000U 7nm Zen three Vega (4th Gen) eight/16 fifteen-25W 2022
Ultra Reduced Electricity Notebook Cezanne-U Ryzen 5000U 7nm Zen three Vega (4th Gen) 8/16 15-25W 2021
Ultra Low Electric power Notebook Lucienne-U Ryzen 5000U 7nm Zen two (Vega 3rd Gen) 8/16 15-25W 2021
Extremely Very low Ability Notebook Renoir-U Ryzen 4000U 7nm Zen two (Vega 3rd Gen) eight/sixteen 15-25W 2020
Extremely Very low Electrical power Notebook Picasso-U Ryzen 3000U 12nm Zen+ Vega (2nd Gen) 4/eight fifteen-25W 2019
Ultra Low Electric power Notebook Raven Ridge-U Ryzen 2000U 14nm Zen Vega (1st Gen) 4/8 15-25W 2017
Ultra Very low TDP Notebook Dragon Crest Ryzen 6000 (Y?) 7nm Zen 2 Navi (RDNA two) TBC 9-15W 2022
Ultra Lower TDP Notebook Van Gogh Ryzen 5000 (Y?) 7nm Zen two Navi (RDNA two) TBC nine-15W 2021
Ultra Small TDP Notebook Pollock Ryzen 5000 (Y?) 14nm Zen (Vega 3rd Gen) TBC 4.5-9W 2021

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