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AMD 3rd Gen EPYC Milan 7003 CPU Specifications & Prices…

AMD’s 3rd Gen EPYC Milan CPU lineup launches at the close of this quarter but it appears like Dell has leaked out a couple variants along with their official specifications and prices. Yesterday, Dell Canada shown down a few EPYC 7003 variants which are aspect of the 7nm Milan loved ones and run by the Zen 3 core architecture.

AMD 3rd Gen EPYC Milan CPU Specifications & Costs Leaked By Dell, Less expensive Than Very last Gen Rome Chips & Offering Greatly Bigger Perf/Benefit Than Intel’s Xeon Lineup

The three AMD EPYC Milan CPUs that ended up leaked by Dell contain the EPYC 7763, the EPYC 7713, and the EPYC 7543. Requirements for these three parts leaked out a although back but the most recent leak confirms that individuals facts were correct as they match this leak. So starting up off with the specs, we initial have the EPYC 7763 which is going to be just one of the quickest SKU in the Milan lineup.

The AMD EPYC 7763 CPU features sixty four cores and 128 threads. It will come with a foundation clock of two.45 GHz and boosts up to 3.50 GHz. The chip characteristics 256 MB of L3, 32 MB of L2 cache, and has a TDP established at 280W. The EPYC 7763 really should value an excess $8069.sixty nine CAD more than the foundation price which is more affordable than the EPYC 7742 that would end up an added $9705.10 CAD.

Relocating on to the EPYC 7713, we are even now acquiring sixty four cores and 128 threads. The clocks are established at two. GHz base and three.seven GHz raise. The chip retains the 256 MB L3 and 32 MB L2 cache but comes with a lessen TDP of 225W. That’s mainly due to the decrease all-core boost and the lower base clocks. AMD’s EPYC 7713 will expense you an further $7093.sixty nine CAD around the base price tag which after once more is low cost when in comparison to Rome 64 core variants.

Ultimately, we have the EPYC 7543 which will come with a 32 main and sixty four thread configuration. The AMD Milan CPU options a foundation clock of 2.80 GHz and a raise clock of 3.70 GHz. The CPU carries 256 MB of L3 and 32 MB of L2 cache which is made feasible by the 8 chiplets on board rather than four. The CPU will come with a TDP of 225W and is heading to charge an extra $2579.69 US about the base config. This is actually a very attractive selling price point for the 32 core Milan supplying as all the AMD Rome 32 main variants are priced at an further $3000-$3500 US above the foundation configuration.

AMD EPYC Milan 3rd Gen Server CPU Lineup (Preliminary):

CPU Identify Cores / Threads Foundation Clock Improve Clock L3 Cache L2 Cache TDP
AMD EPYC 7763 64 / 128 two.forty five GHz three.fifty GHz 256 MB 32 MB 280W
AMD EPYC 7663 48 / ninety six TBA TBA 256 MB 24 MB TBA
AMD EPYC 7643 48 / ninety six 2.30 GHz three.60 GHz 256 MB 24 MB 225W
AMD EPYC 7713 sixty four / 128 2.00 GHz three.70 GHz 256 MB 32 MB 225W
AMD EPYC 75F3 32 / 64 2.95 GHz four.00 GHz 256 MB 32 MB 280W
AMD EPYC 7543 32 / sixty four two.80 GHz 3.70 GHz 256 MB 32 MB 225W
AMD EPYC 7513 32 / 64 two.sixty GHz three.65 GHz 128 MB sixteen MB 200W
AMD EPYC 7443 24 / 48 two.eighty five GHz 4.00 GHz 128 MB 12 MB 200W
AMD EPYC 74F3 24 / 48 three.20 GHz four.00 GHz 256 MB 12 MB 240W
AMD EPYC 7413 24 / forty eight two.sixty five GHz three.60 GHz 128 MB sixteen MB 180W
AMD EPYC 73F3 16 / 32 three.50 GHz 4.00 GHz 256 MB sixteen MB 240W
AMD EPYC 7343 16 / 32 3.20 GHz three.ninety GHz 128 MB eight MB 190W
AMD EPYC 7313 sixteen / 32 3.00 GHz three.70 GHz 128 MB sixteen MB 155W
AMD EPYC 72F3 eight / 16 three.70 GHz 4.10 GHz 256 MB four MB 180W

The AMD EPYC Milan CPUs will have a enormously larger guide and we are just taking basic general performance without the need of mentioning the far better effectiveness/value and perf for every watt which would translate to reduce TCO when developing a Milan server.

So summing all the things up for EPYC Milan, we are hunting at the pursuing major features:

  • Highly developed 7nm Zen 3 cores (64 main / 128 thread)
  • Pin Compatible With SP3 Socket
  • 120W-280W TDP SKUs
  • PCIe four. Aid
  • DDR4 Memory Aid
  • Launch in Q1 2021

The AMD 3rd Gen EPYC Milan CPUs are all set for an epic launch in March this calendar year so keep tuned for extra data on the up coming disruption in the server section.

Many Thanks to Steel Messiah for the suggestion!

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