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Acer Vero BR277 review: An eco-friendly monitor on a budget

At a glance

Expert’s Ranking


  • Excellent contrast ratio
  • Strong build quality 
  • Exact, reasonable color
  • Utilizes recyclable plastics, packaging also recyclable


  • Below-common sharpness
  • Restricted color gamut
  • No single standout function

Our Verdict

The Acer Vero BR277 tries to distinguish by itself from the pack of other 27-inch spending budget monitors but in the long run falls shorter. It has the silver lining of being built from recycled plastics, creating it fantastic for the eco-warrior, but normally, it’s a somewhat mundane screen.

Price tag When Reviewed


Best Charges Right now: Acer Vero BR277

$249.ninety nine
$249.ninety nine
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The use of plastics and scarce earth materials put together with electrical power-intense generation and distribution techniques make even the most standard displays a lot less than eco-friendly. Acer’s Vero BR277 attempts to enhance on this profile with recycled elements and resilient structure. But does that have to mean sacrificing good quality?

Acer Vero BR277: The specs

The Acer Vero BR277’s specifications are common of a spending budget 27-inch observe, but a couple merchandise stand out. This observe has a VGA port, which is valuable for connecting legacy equipment. It also has a refresh price of 75Hz, which is a slight enhancement more than the common 60Hz, and it supports adaptive sync for better gaming efficiency.

  • Show dimension: 27-inch
  • Native resolution: one,920 x one,080
  • Panel kind: IPS
  • Refresh rate: Up to 75Hz
  • HDR: None
  • Adaptive sync: Sure
  • Ports: 1x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort, VGA, headphone-out
  • Stand adjustment: Peak, tilt, swivel
  • VESA mount: Sure, 100x100mm
  • Speakers: Indeed
  • Rate: $249 MSRP

Of system, the Vero BR277’s most unique trait does not demonstrate up in the specification sheet. The watch is created from at minimum fifty p.c recycled client materials, is transported in one hundred percent recyclable packaging, and carries EPEAT Silver certification. It’s also vitality efficient–though, to be honest, that is legitimate of most displays. 

Consumers need to be aware that the Vero BR277 has a lesser 24-inch sibling, the Vero BR247. It is $50 fewer high priced and presents equivalent features, even though its impression high-quality could vary from the 27-inch design reviewed in this article.

Acer Vero BR277: Style

You would not know the Acer Vero BR277 is partially designed from recycled material at a glance. A simple matte-black body and skinny bezels enable the keep an eye on blend in with its surroundings. Near inspection reveals some mixed flecks of material, but I suspect this is a style option, not a outcome of how it’s produced. 

Acer Vero BR277

Speckled matte-black structure built from recycled resources.

Matt Smith

In any situation, the Vero BR277 is not a lot to look at. Competition like Dell and LG present additional eye-catching monitors at a very similar cost. 

Nevertheless, the recycled products don’t harm the monitor’s make good quality. Most panels feel durable sufficient and dealing with a check doesn’t normally develop disturbing creaks or groans. Still, the Vero BR277 looks heavier and far more long lasting than funds displays from Samsung, LG, and even Dell. 

This is excellent to see in a watch with sustainable style. The output of a new observe represents the bulk of its life time effect on the ecosystem, so it is very best to continue to keep a check as extensive as feasible if sustainability is on your radar. The Vero BR277 feels all set for the extensive haul. 

The monitor ships with a stand that adjusts for top, tilt, and swivel. It’s sturdy and has a flat, sq. base. The stand’s footprint is a tad greater than many other 27-inch displays, like most designs from Asus, Dell, and LG, but not by substantially. A 100x100mm VESA mount is readily available for attaching a 3rd-bash keep track of stand or arm.

Acer Vero BR277: Options and menu

The Acer Vero BR277 has an HDMI and DisplayPort input, furthermore VGA for connecting older products. The inclusion of VGA hints at the monitor’s more enterprise-minded design–this keep an eye on may possibly find itself linked to really outdated computer systems. This assortment of inputs is good for the price but not fantastic.

A very simple menu gives a handful of selections. It’s easy to navigate many thanks to a joystick and bodily buttons on the monitor’s proper flank. I seen the menu was unusually speedy and responsive, which is great when generating large changes to brightness or contrast. 

Acer Vero BR277

Basic but successful menu with a handful of solutions.

Matt Smith

Nevertheless bare-bones, the menus do incorporate three exact gamma presets and a number of coloration temperature modes. There’s also an sRGB mode and a customized shade mode for even more calibration. 

There are a couple gaming characteristics, as well. The keep track of has a switchable Overdrive manner for quicker reaction moments, adaptive sync, and even supports a refresh level range to help consumers choose if adaptive sync is performing as it need to. These features are appreciated. 

A pair of two-watt speakers are integrated. Their optimum volume is minimal, nonetheless, so they are only suited for use in a peaceful area. Most men and women will want to connect exterior speakers or headphones.

Acer Vero BR277: SDR impression high-quality

The Acer Vero BR277 is an reasonably priced check a lot more concentrated on sustainability than impression high-quality. This has effects for its general performance, but it nails a number of fundamentals that provide an enjoyable, if not vivid, practical experience. 

Acer Vero BR277

Matt Smith

I was unsurprised to discover that the Vero BR277 has a reduced maximum brightness of 305 nits. A better brightness leads to better ability attract, so it will make sense that a keep an eye on focused on sustainability would established most brightness at a reduce benefit. 

Even now, this stage of brightness, put together with the monitor’s anti-glare coat, is a lot more than adequate for day-to-day use. I used the keep an eye on at its default placing of just 40 per cent of highest and discovered it lots vivid for use in my modestly lit workplace. 

Acer Vero BR277

Matt Smith

The distinction ratio comes in at a pretty respectable optimum of 1160:one. This is about the higher limit of a regular Liquid crystal display observe with an IPS display panel. Some screens that charge a number of times more than the Vero BR277 accomplish no better–or a great deal worse. 

A respectable distinction ratio allows the keep track of achieve depth and dimensionality, which is handy in films, streaming reveals, pictures, and video games. The dreaded IPS glow, a hazy cast uncovered in darkish scenes, is obvious on this check but considerably less distracting than on a lot of funds possibilities. 

Acer Vero BR277

Matt Smith

Colour gamut comes in weak at just 97 per cent of sRGB and 77 % of DCI-P3. As the graph demonstrates, this is a extended way from what the finest displays can accomplish, and it suggests the Vero BR277 simply cannot display screen hues that extra-able monitors can take care of. 

This qualified prospects to a less vivid and saturated glance that lots of entrepreneurs will uncover underwhelming. It also helps make the Vero BR277 a lackluster option for newbie or qualified content creators in need to have of an entry-stage check. 

Acer Vero BR277

Matt Smith

Even though the Vero BR277’s color gamut is narrow, the hues it can exhibit are reasonably exact. Pics, flicks, and streaming demonstrates search real looking. Colour temperature came in at 6600K, which is hardly off the concentrate on of 6500K. This adds to the monitor’s grounded presentation. 

I found the gamma focus on was off my desire, landing at a studying of one.9 as an alternative of two.2. This signifies the impression can show up brighter than it should. I was capable to mainly deal with this by placing the monitor’s menu to a gamma of 2.four, which was nearer to my focus on of two.2.

Sharpness is a challenge. This is a 27-inch monitor with one,920 x 1,080 resolution, which is effective out to a pixel density of just eighty one pixels per inch – approximately half what a 4K check of the very same size can achieve. Small fonts can glimpse blocky, streaming content seems to be delicate, and good details in online games appear to shimmer in motion. 

On the whole, the Vero BR277’s impression quality is good but confined by its budget pricing and aim on productivity above entertainment. The check seems to be sensible, provides a sense of depth, and achieves some element in darkish scenes, but it can feel boring following to much better shows.

Acer Vero BR277: Motion clarity

The Acer Vero BR277 does not strongly publicize gaming-friendly functions, but they exist. The keep track of supports adaptive sync and, in my screening, was in a position to operate with Nvidia G-Sync on a GTX 1080 Ti graphics card. This enables easy body pacing in game titles and stops unsightly monitor tearing.

Refresh level maxes out at 75Hz. This is a minimal bump more than 60Hz, but I just can’t declare to see the variation. Numerous gaming monitors in the Vero BR277’s value bracket can obtain a a great deal higher refresh fee of 144Hz. 

Motion clarity is regular for an Liquid crystal display watch with an IPS panel. Quickly-going objects are effortlessly identifiable but show sizeable reduction of element. Rapid digicam pans in a game create evident movement blur. 

An Overdrive method is provided to maximize pixel reaction moments. This gives a little bit additional clarity in fast-relocating information but qualified prospects to overshoot, an issue brought on by pixels overcompensating in their endeavor to change speedily. This results in strange halos and fringing around objects. I recommend leaving the Overdrive element off.

Ultimate thoughts

Acer’s Vero BR277 is a fantastic monitor crafted from recyclable supplies but usually lacks a standout attribute to individual it from the pack. The monitor’s picture high quality is excellent, but not wonderful. Many possibilities present a bigger refresh rate or enhanced resolution at a very similar cost. 

Ultimately, the Vero BR277 is a check you will buy on the promise of sustainability. The excellent information is that selecting this observe doesn’t stick you with a negative exhibit. It’s a fantastic performer probable to past as lengthy as you pick out to retain it.